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A New Idea For Corporate Entertainment

The success of any corporation depends on two things: a solid and viable business plan, and people who are committed to carrying out that plan. One cannot exist without the other if the business is to endure with any modicum of success. This can be a challenge for management, one that can deplete the mental and financial resources of any entertainment committee.

The tried and true methods of keeping the associates happy and willing to continue their commitment to the organization can work a few times, but the shine can wear off quickly if the entertainment is the usual drinks, dinner, and a DJ year after year. No one will be writing in their diary or adding photos to their scrapbook when the annual corporate event becomes tiresome and predictable.

New ideas in corporate entertainment can save the day, not only for the planning committee but for the entire staff as well. The talk around the water cooler after the annual conference can change from the usual gossip and rumblings about workplace doldrums to all the fun that was had this year, and guessing about what fun can be had at the next event. A noticeable upswing in the company morale can be achieved by such a simple yet frustratingly difficult endeavor.

There are many ways to go about accomplishing this goal. Unfortunately, some of them can bust the entertainment budget for the year, and may not approach the problem from a standpoint of all-inclusive enjoyment for the entire staff. Events such as weekend outings in the wild or at an exclusive resort may provide temporary thrills, but may not be everybodys cup of tea. And the cost of some of these types of corporate entertainment can often seem excessive based on the results achieved.

One new idea for corporate entertainment that is not necessarily extravagant yet can be remembered as a truly memorable occasion can come in the form of a casino night. While not every member of the staff may be a gambling enthusiast, certainly everyone will enjoy a chance to engage in some friendly rivalry at the blackjack table or the roulette wheel whilst celebrating the spirit of mutual effort and achievement.

Theres nothing liking sitting elbow to elbow with the CEO and trying to beat them in a hand of Texas Hold Em to revive the sense of shared challenges and genuine enjoyment for the accomplishments of an associate. Competition in any business setting is a vital aspect of its success, and if the playing field is level and the spirit of competition is one of good fun for all, the memories of the annual event will last throughout the year.

There are other possibilities along this line. The winners each year can be honoured on a Wall of Fame at the office, not as a reflection of staff members one-upping each other on the corporate ladder, which can sometimes create unnecessary and unproductive ill will among the staff. Rather, it could serve as a reminder of the fun that was had by everyone this year, and as an inspiration to look forward to next years corporate entertainment event.

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