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G Poker Chips Product Analysis

If you are considering owning some casino poker chips, one is faced with many choices. To be truthful, there are a ton of awesome options that can be had. However, one of our favourites would have to be the Pro Clay 13g poker chips. These chips are manufactured with legitimate casino characteristics and feel.

One of the biggest advantages of these 13g poker chips is their mass. One of the most important signals of a casino poker chips’ quality is the mass. 13 grams is fairly heavy in comparison to a large number of casino poker chips. This means that these 13g poker chips will be much more durable. Lighter chips tend to be missing durability, and will wear off easily. Lighter chips also can’t take the bangs that poker chips go through. The 13 grams is longer lasting than the rest. They have an optimal diameter of 39 mm.

The manufacturers of these 13g poker chips have been known to be in the poker chips industry for a very long time, and they have been consistently creating real casino poker chips.

The best part about these poker chips they include an inconspicuous metal insert that allows for your own customized hotstamping. You can have these 13g casino poker chips uniquely your own , by including up to 4 initials of your preference. The chips can be customized on one side of the chip, or both sides. bind their durability, strength, and add the astonishing look of hot stamping, these casino poker chips make for a winner. These 13g clay poker chips are attainable in the color denominations of your choosing: Black, gary, blue, yellow, pink, darker gray, red, green.

These 13g poker chips come with many choices for various magnificent protective cases that will make your poker chips special. These cases include: acrylic carrier, oak, deluxe case, aluminum. These variety of sets bestow you with the casino setting, and offer top-notch assurance for your poker chip set.

What else makes these 13g poker chips so special? You can have them for a better price online! These 13g poker chips are quite a bit less expensive than in brick & mortar stores, so you will end up saving quite a bit of money. Casino clay 13g poker chips are absolutely what you are looking for if you would like to take your poker night to the next level. You can play like the pros, along with your own personalized touch.

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