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A Winning Roulette System For Online Casinos

Its called the “online casino roulette system” Its a repeating # roulette strategy. It isn’t the best system I’ve ever seen but if the numbers are repeating, you can win a lot. Here’s how to win at roulette with this roulette system: 1st spin – watch, no bets 2nd spin -bet on number that came up on spin #1 3rd spin – bet on the 2 numbers that came up last 2 spins. 4th spin – bet on the 3 numbers that came up last 3 spins. 5th spin – bet on 4 numbers that came up last 4 spins. Spins 6 through 13 – continue as above. If a number repeats you have won that series and start over at spin #1. If you reach spin # 13 without a repeat you will be betting on 12 different numbers. Use the following progression. 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 6 Bets 1 through 7- 1 unit Bets 8 & 9- 2 units Bet 10- 3 units Bet 11- 4 units Bet 12- 6 units Total 208 units Second part of this roulette system is called common sense. 1. You do not have to bet entire series, you can stop after bet #9 with a loss of 62 units. 2. If you are ahead then go for entire 12 bets 3. Set a maximum, say 500. How to win at roulette follows: Using online casinos with a $1 minimum. The unit is $1 1. Deposit $62 with casino. 2. Play the system to 9th bet. If you lose the loss is $62 3. If winning, when total bank reaches $162, withdraw $62. 4. Continue to play on winnings until reaching $200. At that point withdraw another $100. 5. Continue as above with this roulette system until the goal of $500 is reached.


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