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Addictive & Easy To Play No Wait Mobile Housie Game!

Collect additional coins every four hours and complete achievements to get even more.
Generous range of payouts
Play bingo anytime, anywhere you want – no wait to start your game
Unlock special bonus games
Mobile is one of the best looking and most exciting games out there, and doesn’t require any prior knowledge of Bingo- it is that simple. Absolute Bingo is a fun and entertaining break from other casino games like poker or slots, craps, roulette and blackjack. Keep playing even if you lose your Internet connection and try your luck! Play Bingo whenever you want, anywhere you want. The game has colors that are easy on the eyes and pleasant to look at, which makes for literally hours of fun.

Features you cant resist!
The Online mode can be accessed through mobile, Facebook or via your account
Play on Offline Mode. No Internet required- a caller calls out the numbers randomly.
Challenge your friends on Facebook
Prizes for Jackpot, Quick Five, Top Line, Bottom Line, Middle Line, Full House etc
The more you win, the more win credits you get. The more win credits you get, the bigger your prize
Redeem rewards financially
Opportunity to earn extra coins.The coins you win allow you to keep playing so you aren’t pushed to spend money.

How to Play?
Game Rules & Information for Mobile Housie:
1. Register/Sign up (50 Points shall be given to each user at the registration)
2. Select the type of game(Paid, Free, Friend session or Offline Mode after logging out)
3. Select your tickets (from 1 to 6 options)
4. Look at your Housie ticket. In the first column you will see numbers ranging from 1 to 9, in the second the numbers ranging 10 to 19 appear, the third contains numbers ranging 20 to 29. This pattern continues until the final column (the eighth) which contains the numbers ranging from 80 to 90.
5. Listen to the numbers called. When you have those numbers, mark them with a highlighter on your ticket.

6. If the numbers called fill a row on your Housie card, you can win if you are the first to call out. User can win in 5 ways.
By selecting Quick 5
By selecting Top line
By selecting Middle line
By selecting Bottom line
By selecting Full House all the numbers in a Housie Ticket.
By (Second Full house) Applicable in free game and friends Session.
7. Signify your win by calling out the winning option that is applicable on your ticket.
8. If on the call out it is found that it is a false call, then that player will be disqualified.
Note: 10 points or 10 credits shall be required to play free and paid game respectively/ to avail one ticket. Per ticket shall be 10 credits in paid game or 10 points in free game.

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