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Betting Systems Scams

There are literally thousands of e-books on the internet that promise you a betting system where you cant fail. They promise to give you GBP 10,000 within a fortnight. They have innumerable testimonials attached. Some of this great sales copy for betting systems even suggests that you dont even need to sit on the computer the whole day. In fact you can just sit for 3 hours and the returns are assured. Some of these betting system e-books are priced incredible low at about GBP 40 or even less. Come to think of it, will somebody who has spent a considerable amount of time fine tuning a product give it away for just a few pounds? After all if the secret is out, then what use dopes the customer has for an e-book anyway?

There are betting systems for almost anything, whether its the roulette, horse betting, soccer betting, greyhound betting or any other type of betting. All you need is the secret and the system that should work effectively for you. These great scamsters who sell the products can doctor the screenshots and the software. Even if you lose after paying for the e-book, what do they have to lose? They will ensure that you cant ever contact the again. Before you buy a betting system product, send them a mail to know whether the email is valid or not. Ask for more information about the system and referrals. Talk to people who have used the product and have profited from it.

Build up a rapport with the seller of the betting system without the buying the system. Then at least in the near future, if there is problem about the system, you would always be able to contact him.

Betting system relies on probability and mathematical calculations. We are not suggesting that all systems are bogus. What we are saying is that there are you should be aware of the many scammers who are just looking for an easy prey. If you have purchased a system and there are no profits, then you should stop using the system and ask for the money back guarantee.

There are various kinds of betting system that are used.

The positive progression betting technique is a very simple betting technique. Each time you win the bet, the next bet value is increased. You can begin with very low value amounts and dont need a huge fund to back you up.

The playing it safe technique know as insurance betting system is one of the most popular and the safest. In this technique, the bet is reduced every time, when the patron loses the bet.

The negative progression betting system uses another approach. In this, the bets are increased when you lose. This is to nullify the effects of the losing streak that you may have encountered. The patron would need a huge bank roll and is very risky too.

There are no surefire betting system techniques that can be used. A combination of probability and mathematical techniques will ensure that they work.

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