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Blackjack Tips

This blackjack advice works just as well at a land based casino you can walk into as well as the many internet casinos. The card game is the same, the idea is the same and you should get just as much thrill regardless of whether you are traveling to a casino or relaxing on your lounge playing at one of the best blackjack casinos online. Let’s start with the mind points first.

Blackjack thinking first

If you have read the book The Secret or seen the film then you will understand how important it is to think about what you want to get out of blackjack. You need to walk into the casino with the right frame of mind. Ever spoken to some-one just after they have lost a bit more than they intended? They probably went in with a similar line of thinking. Begin with positive thinking and you won’t be disappointed. Of course it won’t necessarily help you get the correct cards, however, it will allow you to make better decisions about the cards you do have.

Why start something when you are convinced you will lose? Better to find something else that day and then play blackjack when you feel better about the game.

Related to this is knowing when to walk. In the end you are not going to profit every time. Know your limit in advance. Once you have used it up, walk away or logoff if playing at one of the online casinos. Remember, don’t get greedy. If you have made yourself a nice profit then remember to walk away with money in your hands. For example, put your stake plus a bit more in your pocket and keep playing the blackjack tables, or set limits such as when you lose two hands in a row you will stop playing. People often build up a healthy profit only to lose it.

Select your table

It’s dumb and whilst there is no mathematical evidence to support it, a happy table is a profitable table. Wander around the blackjack tables and notice of the table limits. Look for one within your range and then have a look at the patrons and dealers. Do they look happy and generally looking to be having a good time? If so, pull up a seat at the table. Keep away from tables at the best blackjack casinos where everyone looks unhappy and ready to slit their wrists. They are not the casino players you want to associate with at any cost.

If you prefer to avoid the crowds then look for an empty blackjack table and initiate a conversation with the dealer. Ask them how the games are going and if they say they are on a hot streak, walk, no run away. It’s most likely the opposite.

If you are playing blackjack at an online casino then it’s not as important to pick a table unless there is a chat feature attached to the games.

Focus on your game

Don’t get upset at other players on the table making easy mistakes according to basic strategy. Not everyone is aware of or can remember all the elements of basic strategy. You can’t control their decisions at the table. They aren’t taking your cards and the of basic strategy means their style of play does not impact your game. Offer advice if they ask though. A winning table is a happy table and that’s what you want.

Stick to your blackjack strategy

Kept your emotions in check if possible. You’ve followed the blackjack basic strategy and two or three hands in a row you have lost. That doesn’t mean you should abandon it. It is even more important to keep with the strategy because otherwise you may incorrectly guess and make your loses even more than they should be if you follow the basic strategy. Say no to the insurance bet

Nothing else to say here. Avoid insurance because it deviates from basic strategy and is a bad bet. Say no to all side bets. Stick to the game itself and the aim of getting your cards to twenty one.

Best Blackjack Casinos

Online gambling has evolved and is not better than ever. There are many places to play blackjack online and some of the best blackjack casinos can improve your land based casino experiences. It is easier to learn basic strategy for blackjack at an online casino because you don’t have to be worried about having a cheat sheet nearby. There isn’t the constant to choose and you can take your time a bit more. Of course if you love the interaction with people then it can be a bit lonely to start with.

To contact the author and for more information and places to play blackjack, please visit Best Online Casinos. This article may not be republished without express written permission from the owner.

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