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Casino Themed Parties

A casino themed party can be great fun, an original idea and your friends are bound to be pretty thrilled when they hear of it. A party with a theme is always fun as it gives everyone the excuse to get dressed up and make a bit of a spectacle of themselves, but with permission! There can be any excuse for a party, popular at the moment are corporate events, organised to boost staff morale, group bonding or even the annual xmas party with a difference. Other reasons for a casino themed party can include special birthdays or, one of the favourites, Fathers Day. Give everyone lots of chips or play money to use, glam up the surroundings, encourage the guests to dress up and have a wild night at the tables.

One of the most important decisions to make when planning your party is if you intend to do all the organising yourself or want to hire an event service to do all the hard work. Event services can provide everything needed for a casino themed party right down to the bow ties worn by the croupiers; it all depends on how much you are willing to pay out. Services can provide the casino tables and equipment, including trained casino dealers, deliver everything to the party on the big day, set up and remove it all again at the end of the event. Extras can include clay chips, playing cards, dice, sticks, card shoes, even the raffle tickets!

If you are considering organising things yourself, one of the first things to plan is the sending out of invitations, how else will everyone worth coming get to know about the glitziest event of the year? The style of the invitation will set the tone of the party, whether it is casual, smart, glamorous or fun! Make sure you send them out well in advance as people will need lots of time to make arrangements, book babysitters and taxis, buy an outfit and keep their evening free for the special occasion. Also you might want to make the invitation RSVP as then you will know for sure how many people will actually be attending the event in advance and can plan accordingly.

Next is to decide how the casino is going to look. Think glitz, glamour, glitter and sexy lighting and you are halfway there. The colour theme to go with is red black and white, poker chip colours. Cover the tables with green or black felt so they look like game tables and buy some game layouts to make it more authentic. Have different tables set up with a variety of games, the most popular ones are poker, craps, roulette, and black jack. Give your guests their own personalised poker chips with their names printed on them or, even better, a picture of the host.

Encourage the guests to dress the part and wear tuxedos and cocktail dresses. You could get friends to help you out as croupiers by dressing as showgirls complete with feather headdresses or give them dealer visors and arm garters to look the part. Ask them to greet the guests as they arrive, show them to their table or even act as the croupiers! Your guests will love it!

Parties dont have to be huge events to use event services, most also offer catering for small private parties or even rent out the equipment needed and leave you to it. Whether it is a simple cocktail party, a fundraiser event or you are just after some fun then check out the internet for ideas for a successful, exciting casino themed party.

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