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D’Alembert Roulette System

To even money bets in the game of roulette, D’Almebert system is applied. This system helps in evening the money bets. If the outcome has even distribution then the system can be applied. It is very rare to find the outcome being evenly distributed. This creates a loophole in the system.


Understanding the use of the D’Alembert system for roulette

You can understand the concept of D’Alembert system with a simple example. When you are playing roulette and you win a once, the following time you bet with less money as your chances of winning for the second time become less. This is the exact case with D’Alembert system of roulette. You must have already seen the loopholes that this system has. So, you can easily predict that the D’Alembert system of roulette will not help you much in overcoming the house advantage. You must re think the whole concept if you fail to see the loopholes in the system. The system says that if you win then you must place the next bet with less money because the probability of winning again is very less. What this system fails to see it that the probability to win remains the same for every round that is played regardless of you wins or losses. You must know that every spin of the wheel or every round that you play is an independent event and does not depend on whether you have won the previous game or not. The outcome is not connected so one outcome will not influence the succeeding outcome. You can understand this concept better if you imagine a flipping of a coin. The chances of heads or tails do not depend on the previous outcome. The system goes on to say that is you lose a certain time then you should bet with more money the next time. This is untrue.

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