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Finding Nirvana In Nirvana Seeds

Single Pick and Mix feminized Nirvana Seeds

Nirvana was founded by a worker of the famous grow shop in Amsterdam known as Positronics. The worker learned how to effectively breed and cross the selections of cannabis for better quality buds and released them in 1995 when he founded Nirvana. The selection of seeds has increased substantially and this is sure to be one of the most important deals for growers that want high quality seed for better yields. The high potency of some of the marijuana plants offered through Nirvana are highly sought after by growers and smokers alike. Selections of seeds are available to the public with specialized feminized options as well as single pick and mix availability as well.

Feminized seeds are important to the growers who are simply growing the bud because the plants do not produce seeds. Buds with seeds are less favorable because of the lowered potency as well as the added difficulty to smoke the cannabis. The seeds burn differently in pipes and cause rolled smokes to be lopsided and difficult to keep alight. The most responsible option is to choose feminized seeds to prevent this from occurring with such high quality selections available from Nirvana. Pick and mix options are also great because it allows for a wider variety of plants to be available for growers to harvest.

Nirvana Selections worth Growing

There are many different seeds which are worth growing that are available through Nirvana. Pick and mix options allow for growers to choose many types to grow a nicer selection of plants. The following list of seeds is great for pick and mix selections where available:

AK48 – The AK48 is a strain that was developed from past AK strains. The high potency and amazing yield of this plant is one of the most sought after for growers and smokers. The selection of plants will range from harvest periods but the earliest can be within 48 days from germination.

Aurora Indica – This is a short plant hybrid which produces dense buds. Exceptional amounts of resin make this a smoker’s dream for a heavy buzz from the dark colored hash.

Blackberry – the blackberry is an amazing plant with beautiful buds to say the least. Has Asian Sativa flavors that many people enjoy.

BlackJack – The BlackJack variety is one used in medicinal circles for its high THC content. Hard buds make this one of the nicer cultivars from Nirvana.

Blue Mystic – This is a nice cultivar strain with a neutral smell in the grow room. It has a light berry aftertaste which makes it very enjoyable.

Bubbelicious – This is a short plant which is very sweet. It has taken many generations to get to a stable version which is very nicely yielding.

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