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How To Get An Affordable Poker Chips Case

Poker is a card game in which winners are identified by the ranks and combination of their cards. For playing poker it is necessary to have money as it is a game that uses total gambling, But if the amount is very large, then it is difficult for a person to concentrate on game. So to sort out this problem game currency was invented, which is generally known as poker chips.

Previously poker players preferred to use gold nuggets, jagged gold piece or gold coins as well as chips, which were made up of wood. But when the wooden chips failed to provide proper handling and maintenance, concept of poker chips came up, which is more lucrative and standard. There are different names of poker chips such as casino tokens, casino currency, casino cheques, etc. Poker chips are small disc shaped chips made up of colored metal, compressed molded clay or injected molded plastic. There are many tokens which are used in casinos, but poker chips are only used for table games. Actually the chips as we know them now were not in use before around two hundred years ago.

Poker chips are exchanged with money in a casino at casino cage or at cashier station. Generally casino tokens have no value outside the casino. Because of its shape and size, chips could be much easily tallied when compared to the currencies. This feature enables security to verify quickly the amount being paid that also reduces the chance to pay incorrect amount to customers. Poker chips are made up of different colors which aids to calculate amount easily and at a faster pace for each color is already decided for particular amount. And because of different color the casino owners do not have to worry about their maintenance as they can easily be identified and put to their allotted trays. They are easily stacked to provide an accurate count. These features enable everyone to make accurate bets and increase chances for making the best deal as the customers have no confusion that how much more they would be able to play.

Poker chips are made up of different materials such as sand, chalk and clay. The process used to make these chips is secret and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some chips are expensive and time-consuming because of their specialty in edge & their different effect. These chips are found in different colors, but some basic colors are white, green, blue, black, red and many more. And standard value of these chips in casino are, white is equivalent to 1$, red for 5$, blue for 10$, green for 25$, black for 100$ and many more. More colors could be used for more values, but that is always decided by the casino owner who uses them. Each casino has it’s own copyrighted design for poker chips. Minimum weight of these chips is 10gm and it varies on the upper end. Different technologies are used to make these chips, some casinos prefer chips made up of RFID technology which helps to detect fake chips. This technology provides high resolution photographic quality and custom color combinations on their edges.

Whatever your personal preference, Casino tokens provide a feel of playing poker games. Actually it creates a poker environment or atmosphere which allow us to feel like a gambler, think like gambler and desire to play like gambler even if we are playing at home. High quality chips create a more professional and enjoyable atmosphere at your home poker games.

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