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How To Play Blackjack A Primer For New Players

The game objective A player should have card value of 21 or close to it to win in blackjack. Due to this, players must know the assigned value to each card in order to play the game well. Cards from to 2 to 10 retain their value while face cards such as queen, jack and king have no value at all. For example, if a player gets a 10 and a queen, the total value is 10, not 20. As mentioned, face cards have no value at all

Ace, on the other hand, is a bit special. It can take the value of 11 or 1. These values are determined on whether the player has a soft or hard hand. For players holding a hard hand, the Ace’s value remains 1 whereas if a player has a soft hand, the ace can take the value of 11.

What is a soft and hard hand? Many players are often confused on how a soft and hard hand function in blackjack and how it affects the value of the ace card.

For example, if a player receives an ace and a 9, the player has a soft hand. The ace can get a card value of 11 and the player no longer needs to make a hit, or ask for another card. This is because the total value of the card is already 20. The player will most likely win in this scenario unless another player gets a natural or a 21.

Meanwhile, if the player decides to make a hit after getting a 7 and a 4, the player is said to have a hard hand. In this case, the ace’s value remains at 1. The cards 7 and 4 will already yield a total value of 11, it is not possible to give the ace a value of 11 for it will exceed 21. Thus, in accordance with the rules, the total card value of the player under this scenario is 12.

Is blackjack different from 21? Blackjack is not the same as getting a score of 21. Always, a natural hand will beat a hand with a total score of 21. A natural hand happens when a player receives a 10 and an ace.

Meanwhile, a player holding a 9 and 2 and decides to make a hit, receives a 10, indeed, the total value of the card is pegged at 21. It can win provided that the cards held by other players have a value lower than 21. Yet, as mentioned, if another player gets a natural, evidently, the one with the natural hand shall win.

Why play blackjack in online casinos? In terms of the rules, nothing really differentiates blackjack in online and land-based casinos. Yet, players can enjoy more when they play the online version. One of the best things that they will enjoy is the high rewards and bonuses. Online casinos such as 12BET Casino, for example, have higher payouts. In addition, it cannot be denied that it is more convenient to play in online casinos. Players do not have to wait for a very long time to join a blackjack table. For those, that want to have the feel of playing land-based casinos, they can also do it online via joining a live blackjack round.

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