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Las Vegas Mecca Of Games

Once a trading caravan went astray on its way to Los Angeles. Under relentless heat some volunteers began to look for a source of water, and finally they found an oasis. The name “Las Vegas” was given to it. In translation from Spanish it means “inundated meadows”. It was difficult to imagine, that among sands life could be found. Later the legendary city founded there became the most popular city of the world. In the middle of the 19th century the first settlers appeared.

The industrial revolution promoted formation of some settlements, including Las Vegas. The engineers engaged in development of a railway network knew Las Vegas was to become a link between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City so the work was very responsible. Historians claim the city was in its splendor in 1864.

By 1905 the streets of the city hosted numerous gambling halls and saloons. After special measures of the government had been taken, games went underground, but the city was still filled with tobacco smoke and shouting. Owners of former legal casinos turned into owners of the closed game clubs. And the strict measures of the state power used as a vaccine from passion, have got the senseless character. The epoch of professional players and gentlemen of success began.
Nevada has become famous, as the state of freedom and big opportunities. In 1915 the first automatic game devices were established. Prizes were paid in wares. Lucky beggars received a cigar or alcoholic drinks instead of money.

Las Vegas expanded. One of the most known pioneers among hotel-casinos “The Meadows Supper Club” was focused exclusively on rich public, but, nevertheless, became very attractive for the big number of players. Later Raymond Smith became the inventor of “the Mouse roulette”. The animal was released from a cage located in the center of a drum of roulette. The excited mouse started to run, and the players hurried to choose the number. Sooner or later the tired mouse stopped on any of the 38 numbers.

In 1948 one more large institution in Strip Street appeared the “Silverbird” casino sponsored by Mafiosi. Later, such venues as “Desert Inn”, Sahara, “Congo Room” and “Caravan Restaurant” appeared. In the 1950-s, the Mullein Rouge casino was founded, and it became the institution where Frank Sinatra used to sing.

The main attractions in Las Vegas are casinos and hotels. The best casinos are situated on Las Vegas Boulevard in its part known as Las Vegas Strip, outside the city. These hotels are huge, with thousands of rooms and gigantic casino areas nearby. Some of the most famous casinos in downtown area include Golden Nugget Las Vegas, California Hotel and Casino, El Cortez, Fitzgeralds Las Vegas, Four Queens, Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Club, Main Street Casino, Plaza Hotel & Casino and many others.

The size of any casino in Las Vegas is amazing, for example, the casino in Caesars Palace surpasses in size all casinos of Monte Carlo taken together.

Millions of tourists can witness magnificent shows, take part in interesting excursions, including the one to the Grand Canyon. One of the main advantages of this city is that here both rich and mere mortals, are treated the same if they have money on a particular day.
Meals are very cheap in Las Vegas; buffets remind football fields in size and offer long lists of names of snacks and confectionery products at low prices. And for those who prefer “exclusive” restaurants where on the walls original pictures of Picassos can be seen, such places as Bellagio exist.

Every year the number of hotels and casinos continuously increases. Numerous gambling houses promote Las Vegas as Mecca of games.

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