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Las Vegas The City For Gambling

The sounds of Las Vegas casinos are distinct. Just walking into any one of the many Las Vegas casinos, you will hear the clicking of the roulette wheel, clattering of dice, spinning of slot machines and shuffling of cards. Las Vegas just gives off an aura of energy and excitement. Everything in Las Vegas seems bigger, bolder and brighter, even the colors!

Las Vegas is not known for its gambling for no reason. Its state-of-the-art casinos are constantly filled with people from all over the world. These classy casinos are located along the southern end of Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as the “The Strip”.
Whether your “specialty” is the slot machines or a game of Blackjack, Las Vegas has the games for you. Each casino is designed to make your gambling experience memorable and fun. However, gambling is still gambling. So, expect to go in losing and you will be happy when you score.

Tips for Gambling in the Casinos for Beginners:

Be sure to read the gaming guides that are posted next to each game.

Free printable casino coupons are available on the Internet. There is a book you can purchase that has $1,000 worth of casino coupons, as well as information that is useful on casinos and resorts. You can find Las Vegas discounts all over the place.

Also, you have the potential of being offered a “funbook”. These are given out by casinos to the more serious gamblers. These funbooks contain meal discounts, free drinks, show discounts and souvenirs. Be sure to determine if the price you pay for the funbook is worth it by how many games you will play. Most casinos will actually give one funbook for each visitor each day. Remember to leave a tip.

There are generally free coupons offered by the hotel you stay at.

Understand that Las Vegas is based on a “loss-lead” principle. Hotels and casinos lure new people in by offering lower prices compared to other vacation spots all over the world.

Get the best deals by visiting Las Vegas casinos during the peak seasons. Generally, conventions and other events are scheduled during the months of January and November. Consider visiting in July, August and December, as these months are considered off-peak months. Also, Sundays to Thursdays are great times to visit, as more deals are offered.

If you can, try to eat outside of the casino in one of the many exquisite hotels around.

Five Great Las Vegas Casinos:

The Bellagio has extremely luxurious rooms and an energetic sophisticated game room.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino has a beach resort theme.

The MGM Grand is the largest casino in Las Vegas.

Caesar’s Palace takes you back to the age of the Romans. With its grand columns, sparkling fountains and beautiful statues, this casino is a gambling experience you will never forget. There are even 5 cent and 25 cent slot machines.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino takes you to the Egyptian period, full of luxury and excitement.

Consider these tips and be sure to include these top five casinos in your gambling agenda. Experience the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas casinos. Las Vegas is THE city for gambling.

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