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Make Your Own Roulette Table

You can make your own roulette table by yourself and it may seem a very complicated task initially. But if you take the expert help, it is no difficult task to build a roulette table in less than one hour. If you are having any event or party at home, you can make your own roulette table to entertain the guests and family. A casino night at home is the best idea for enjoyment. You can also hone your skills of playing roulette and later use these skills to play at real casinos. Betting with real money will be no big deal when you play with real money.


You have to first purchase the wheel and the general layout of roulette. Make sure that the layout that you buy should be 36 inches by 72 inches. You can use felt roulette layouts in any game and billiard stores. You can also purchase these layouts online. There is a wide range of quality and prices available for roulette wheels.

Now, you must place the roulette layout on a clean and hard surface. The layout should be kept face down. You need to put the table upside down on the roulette layout. You should make sure that the layout is not placed at the centre of the table. It should be placed at one side.

You must then staple the edge of the layout to the table back and sides. You should be careful while doing it as the tops should not be wrinkled and it should feel smooth. Add more staples to keep the layout in correct position. You must not out the staples on the top of the layout.

You should attach the layout of roulette to the side that is empty. For wooden roulette wheel, wood glue should be used to keep the wheel intact. For plastic wheel you must use epoxy. A time gap of full night should be given for the glue to dry completely. You should not disturb the setting while the glue is drying. For giving proper balance to the wheel and preventing it from slipping or sliding, it should be placed on the table.

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