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Places Where You Shouldnt Play Online

There are a lot of trust issues in the online casino industry; most of it is just suspicious players who are overly cautious with their money, however sometimes this paranoia is justified. There are plenty of online casinos out there, the ones that you know of before playing are generally the ones you can rely on, but others aren’t as trustworthy, and have built up a bad reputation.

Some of the earliest trust problems developed with virtual casino games, where players weren’t entirely sure they could trust the program. Take virtual roulette for example; virtual roulette uses Random Number Generators (RNGs), which create a random outcome, meaning that its impossible to know what the outcome will be until the ball has landed in a slot.

Whilst this may seem random, it actually creates a more pseudo-random situation. The program doesn’t create a truly random result, but instead a result that is dependent on several other factors. The RNG will pick a number between 0 and 4 billion (approximately), which is then translated into a result on the roulette wheel. The algorithm used for this formula is a series of instructions for generating numbers, and this formula is beyond the average persons mathematical knowledge, but can still be checked for accuracy. Whilst there is a control board that constantly checks for irregular or broken algorithms, many players still believe that virtual roulette isn’t to be trusted, however this issue has been abolished by the presence of live casino games.

So can you still completely trust casino games? Of course you can; the casinos themselves however

All of the big names in the casino industry can be trusted; otherwise they wouldn’t still be operating. Quite a few of the smaller names are fine as well, but you will always find that there are casinos that will do everything they can to stop you from claiming your winnings. I’ve been reviewing both online casinos and online casino games for a while now, and I’ve seen some fairly shocking tactics. Fortunately, there are ways that you can avoid disappointment.

Check The Ts & Cs

This is something you should be doing anyway, but its also a good indicator on whether a casino is trustworthy or not. Look for any irregularities, or something that just doesn’t sound right; youll also want to keep your eye out for any contradicting conditions, as these can be used against you. If youre not sure what normal casino Ts & Cs look like, then browse through a well-known casinos requirements, if you see any differences that look a bit shady then youre best just steering clear.

Find Customer Comments

Just like casinos, there are certain players out there that you shouldn’t trust. Luckily for us, these are the minority, and a large amount of players are honest and un-bias. Find reviews for the casino and see whats been said about them, youll be looking for comments about withdrawing money and technical issues over everything. There are bound to be critics who have slatted the casino because of their games, but youll want to know more about anyone whos had cost-worthy problems with the casino in question.

If It Looks Too Good To Be True

Chances are, it probably is. One of the harshest tactics I’ve ever seen are casinos that just go back on their word and refuse to pay a player. If you see something that looks brilliant, like a cheap first-deposit bonus with very few drawbacks, then theres bound to be something fishy happening. Remember that online casinos are still businesses, and their main aim is to make a profit. They aren’t going to offer you a large bonus if they dont think theyll see the money again.

The best piece of advice to give is also the most obvious, just be careful. The majority of casinos aren’t crooks and are there as a business which provides a form of entertainment for the public, but some have twisted this image by revealing themselves as charlatans and scoundrels. If youre playing at a casino that youre not used to, just keep a constant eye out for any strange goings on; you should be fine, but its always better to be safe than sorry. If you want to know of a few casinos to stay completely clear of, you can see more at my blog where I keep track of casinos to avoid.

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