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Roulette Fun Games

Roulette is definitely one of the most entertaining games offered by the casinos. To add more fun to the game, casinos have always tried to bring in some variations within the game. As a result, roulette is also considered to be an appropriate option for party games. Yes, you can use a roulette wheel for other various Roulette Fun games as well, such as word games, truth or dare, and many more. All you need is just some creativity. Below is the information about some of the best variations of roulette games. Roulette Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is definitely one of the most popular games among teens and adults. And, the adaption of this game in roulette wheel makes it more interesting. You can easily download Roulette Fun games applications for your computers and cell phones as well. In case you have a roulette wheel, you can frame out your own rules and enjoy the game when partying. You can assign a color coding according to your convenience, such as -red- for truth and black for -dare-. But, in case the ball lands on zero, the player does not have to choose anything.

Word Roulette

Word roulette is definitely a great game for the kids. Letters can be assigned to each number present on the roulette wheel, such as -th-, -sh-, and -fr-. You can designate a particular slot (such as 0) as a -wild card-, and it will allow a player to choose the letters as per his desire. This game can be played against individuals or groups as well. It will start with the spinning of roulette wheel that should contain two or more balls. Once the wheel comes down to halt, a player should jot down the letters or arrangement of letters. Now, the team should try to frame out a word using the available set of letters. The team or the player who successfully accumulates the highest score is declared as the winner. Roulette Drinking Game

It is a party game for the adults and you can include various drinks in your party; even non-alcoholic drinks, which is certainly a better option to go with. Place the shot glass in a line and fill them with your favorite drink. Decide upon the color of shot glasses as red or black. Now, players should decide about their position that is whether they will be in the red team or black team. Suppose a player from the red team rotates the roulette wheel and red turns out to be the result, then the player will not drink.

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