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Sushi Making Through Cooking Games

Chef Anthony Bourdain, the popular host of the TV show No Reservation (Travel Channel) and the unofficial food expert of the worlds different cuisines, was once interviewed in a local lifestyle magazine if he gets jaded with the food that he gets to taste around the world. I cannot cite his answer verbatim but the gist of his response was this: Yes, he does get jaded with the food but that is only limited to some regions in Europe. In Asia, however, he could never feel jaded because, in his own opinion, in China alone, he could eat different recipes everyday for the rest of his life and that is the tip of the iceberg.

It only goes to show the variety of Asian cuisine: from the mostly spicy Thai cuisine, the mostly raw Japanese food to the varied influence found in Philippine food (Chinese, Malay, Spanish and American). When we say food, what comes to mind is that it is first subjected to heat in whatever form. With that in mind, it is hard to imagine how Japanese food came to be defined as such, but it is still food and Japanese food brings one of the most unique eating experiences. As for me, I have always been a fan of sushi. But I have learned how to make sushi in the most unconventional classroom: the online cooking games.

Cooking games have been around quite a long time now and they usually attract their fair share of devoted fans. I have never been one of those devoted fans of cooking games but I admit to playing cooking games once in a while. I never thought that I would get anything educational through it but funny enough, I did. I found out through cooking games that to make a good sushi, make sure that the fish is very fresh (as it is eaten raw). You slice it in thin strips, and then you wrap it inside rice shaped like a ball. Then you get a thin film of seaweed and put the rice there. Before rolling the rice and the seaweed, make sure that the seaweed is place on a wooden mat used to roll the sushi (All these could be brought at the nearest Japanese convenience store). Once all the ingredients are tightly packed, you can now take out the wooden mat then slice the roll into easy to bite sizes. Get your favorite wasabi sauce and give your sushi a deep. Remember not to put too much wasabi sauce for it is very, very hot to the tongue. The sushi is now ready to eat so you may feel free to enjoy.

These few instructions could be better understood if one plays sushi making in the aforementioned online game. Just by looking at the graphics one could easily follow the simple steps in sushi making. Who said that games have no any useful benefits to man does not know what he is talking about.

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