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The Biggest Gamble In Your Life Get Married In Las Vegas

The first ever wedding ceremony to take place in Vegas dates right back to the 1900s. For all young lovers wanting to tie the knot it only takes a couple of hours for your unity certificate to be stamped, once this is done you leave the chapel as a married couple to venture forth onto the streets of the worlds most glitzy neon city of lights for marriage celebrations. Hearsay has it Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) was the first name of fame to get married in fabulous Vegas thus putting this city on the map as the most popular wedding destination for couples who want to take the plunge in style.

Five reasons why getting married in the Entertainment Capital of the World will make your day extra special…

1. Last hours of freedom as a (Singleton) in Vegas will prove to be a wonderful experience

Travel early before your set wedding date, this will give you time to enjoy the wonders of Las Vegas nicknamed Sin City by most singletons who make the most of their last few hours of freedom before getting hitched. A night out on the strip is a must guaranteed to leave you mentally scarred with memories beyond your wildest dreams There is so much going on here for both sexes, exciting shows/pampering parlours and gambling if this is your pleasure pastime.

2. Marry fast and easy

Now that you are prepared to take the plunge and get married to your loved one then what you need is a marriage licence and a valid form of identification, this can be your social security number along with a measly pittance sum of $55. This is all that is required to get married in Vegas. Whatever your preference you can call upon the king himself Elvis, priest or Commissioner to conduct your wedding service.

3. Marry in Style

Whether your Wedding party consists of 2 or 200 people Vegas can and will accommodate. Many wedding chapels offer variety packages, ranging from simple to grand. Readily available are flowers rings and witnesses. Impulse decisions for wedlock are catered for. If your guest list attendance is for 200 guests do not fret they are in a city famed for amusement where they will be entertained 24/7.

4. Amble and Gamble on Your Honeymoon

Unfortunately it has been known that many couples marriage are over before their honeymoon due to long flights ahead to consummate the marriage. No need to worry about that in Las Vegas, on leaving the chapel hence your honey moon begins. Amble along the strip and take in all the offerings, colourful water fountain displays luxurious hotels in abundance with bridal suites fit for a queen.

5. Settle in Las Vegas

Approx 2,000,000 Americans reside in Las Vegas. The infrastructure to combat hardy weather conditions was carefully put into force here. If undecided where to settle down after the marriage why not check out if the Entertainment city is for you and your partner

Breath taking scenery is an additional bonus to the gambling scene of Las Vegas. Besides the glimmer and shimmer from over a million light bulbs: you can visit Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead or the Valley of Fire which are just a few sights guaranteed to take you’re your breath away as it has for millions of others.

Why choose Nevada for raising a family? Why not, Nevada is home to some of the best schools in the United States, take Clark County’s Green Valley High which has been recognized as one of the top 10 high schools in the US.

To get married and start a new life in Las Vegas is a dream come true for couples, well go live your dream. What do the Americans say? It’s just AWESOME Viva Las Vegas.

Weddings plans left in the hands of the proffessionals will guarantee you a stress free day leaving you to enjoy the best day of your life. An fabulous site for all wedding requirements can be found http://www.your-wedding-planning-help.com

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