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The Different Kinds Of Slots

Slots are not like other casino games that require skills in playing and strategies in winning. Slots do not need players with knowledge or background in gambling. They’re easy to learn and require no training at all. The results of slots game depend on the random selection of the reels. They are not programmed. Although, there are really slots that are tight and there are those that are loose. When we say tight slots, they are the cold one; you never win. The loose ones are the hot machines; you have chances of winning big prizes.

The improvement of equipment from manual to automatic is just a sign of true technological revolution. These days, slots are now operated by computers instead of gears. Casinos have all now participated on the internet by providing online casino games to online players. Slots were manually operated before with either a button or a lever. Now, it is online, too!

Here are the different kinds of slots that are offered online. Some are offered online but not in land-based slots.

1. Fruit Slots – these are usually free games online that do not require software downloading and installing. This is a classic five-reel machine. Fruit Slots or Fruit Machine is an informally coined term by the British. 2. American Slots – term used by Americans. Similar to fruit machines. 3. Five-Reel Slots – from the name itself, they are slots that have 5 reels to display pictures on the payline. 4. Fun Slots – are generally those that are played for practice only and not for cash. 5. Vegas Slots – operated by the Vegas Technology/software. 6. Video Slots – most recent design that does not have any moving parts. They are all virtually turned and the computer randomly selects numbers from its system. 7. Bonus Slots – they offer free games or bonus deposits. 8. Penny Slots – players can play still play slots on a penny slot if they do not have enough money for bigger or higher ones.

These different slots on the list are all the same. They may be different in some features but very slightly. The most played slots, though, are:

1. Fruit Slots 2. American Slots 3. Five-Reel Slots 4. Video Slots

Different online casino sites offer free slots game and sometimes you would come across sites that offer low deposit requirement for real cash games. If you think it is your time to play and win, take your chances and invest on it. Your deposits are your investments. Whatever happens to them, they happen to your investment. If you win, your investment increases; if you lose, you may also lose your investment or decrease it.

In playing slots, it is important to understand the pay table. This is where your credits are listed and where you see symbols that, when matched, can pay you big prizes. Some slots were designed to have 3 reels and others to have five reels. But the standard ones and most commonly used are the 3 reels slots.

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