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Top Cruising Activities

In every country in the world, cruises are quickly rising up the list of the most popular vacation activities. They used to be very exclusive affairs, which very few could afford and many more were not interested in as there was very little to do on a cruise ship and they were not always that reliable. However, cruising has come on a long way and not everyone knows just what variety is available to experience. Let’s take a look at five of the most popular cruise activities which are available on almost all modern ships.

Eat. You could say this is obvious. We need to eat to survive right so what is better about a cruise ship? Well they have such a large number of places to find food and such a range of styles to choice from, you will literally be spoilt for choice. Make the most of having some world class chefs all in the same place by trying out food from all the eateries.

Swim. The majority of boats have more than one pool on board where you can have a splash about, swim some lengths or sunbath on a lilo. The sun will be yours to enjoy all day long as well, due to fact there is nothing for miles around that will cast a shadow. Modern liners even have boast flumes, wave machines and surfing gadgets that will keep you entertained for hours.

Casino. If you have never gambled before or you’re a seasoned card shark, you should definitely check out the casino floor. The best place to meet new people in a relaxed and fun environment is the casinos. They always have a great atmosphere and you could even leave with more money than you went in with. You won’t have to take out your life savings to have a great time, but if it’s your first experience the casino world then Blackjack should be your first port of call. Blackjack players are usually friendly and the rules are quick to pick up.

Bar. There will be a number of different bars all over the ship and some luxury cruises are all-inclusive, so there is no excuse not to sample some liquid delights. The barmen and ladies make a million martinis a day but will jump at the chance to make something a little more interesting. Get them to suggest their favourite tipple or ask for something traditional to a country you are visiting and they will amaze you with their cocktail making skills.

Shows. Cruise ships only book top quality acts to entertain their passengers so you’re certain to leave with a smile on your face if you book in for one of the evening shows. Ask the staff around the ship for their recommendations and cruise reviews. They’ve likely seen many of the acts a number of times so can give you the insider info.

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