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Types Of Air Hockey Tables

These days when a person wants a game table, they are usually referring to a football, air hockey, table tennis, of a pool table. However, many of these kinds of game tables haven’t been around for very long. However, there is such a thing as an antique game table, and they are all collectible, stylish, and very nice. However, you can’t use them for football, air hockey, or ping pong.

Usually an antique game table is smaller than those that are available today and are usually made out of some kind of wood. Many are also very ingenious. A game table may have a single, 3 footed leg, although most have the more traditional 4 legs. Some have chess boards that can be removed to show a recessed backgammon board. On the inside of the table you may find a small drawer for the storage of the game pieces.

Other type of game table may have equally unique features. The game table may be round and made out of hardwood that has a light finish and a beautiful designed inlay. It may also have 2 drawers and even more unusual, 4 drink holders that pull out from the sides.

There are many types of a rectangular or square game table that opens to reveal a felt playing surface beneath it which is perfect for playing cards. Although a game table like this may be similar in function to others, they do come in numerous styles.

There is also a French game table that has a small writing desk with a leather writing surface that may be embossed with gold. However, the top may be removed completely and inside there may be a backgammon game board that is inlaid with ivory and ebony or the top may be flipped over to expose a green felt card playing table. A great game table like this may also still have the original green and white tinted ivory playing pieces.

Another French game table may look like an ordinary side table that has beautifully carved leg supports, casters, and legs. However, the game table may conceal multiple playing boards for playing roulette, checkers, chess, or backgammon. However, the table may have legs that pull out to extend the table to full size with the decorative part of the legs becoming the middle leg support. The table top may then unfold to a rectangular, long felt top for playing billiards or caroms.

Therefore, if your life has quieted down and you primarily enjoy a game of cards or some board games with friends, maybe you should look around for an antique game table to impress your friends and grace your home.

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