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Watch It Live To Feel Iteel It

Live Roulette is actually a game show which was launched recently in the year 2005. There is a team presenting the game show, which comprises of trained dealers or croupiers, s they are known. Natasha Powell, Kylie Cushman and Olivia Hill are few of the experienced croupiers who run the live shows.

Now, in live roulette people can place their chips on the roulette table either by watching on TV or online and they can call on the phone numbers shown on the screen. The basic game remains the same, however, only European roulette is played here and not the American 00 version. Every game is open for almost 2 minutes and a new number is made to spin roughly every 3 minutes. On top of that, there are turbo hours every evening when each game now opens for one minute and a new number is spun roughly every 2 minutes.

In the beginning only simple betting was done on live roulette, but eventually, all the bets began to be played with the new menu systems.

In case of live roulette, one needs to be minimum 18 years of age or older to become a member to become eligible to play the game. The parents, hence, need not worry about their kids being lured into gambling through live shows. The membership options are of three types:

Free Player Account

In this option, a new player upon registration on the website or over the phone is given a choice to play for free with 500 chips. These hips can be used in the same way as real chips.

Premium Player Account

This allows a player to participate in the game at any time and play with the chips up to a certain house limit as in a real casino. The benefits which the premium player gets include entry into the daily and monthly prize draws. The winners get a weekend break for two people. This promotes players to become premium members.

VIP Player Account

VIP players are the 120 premium members who are most loyal. They get extra benefits for qualifying as VIP players. They get a VIP manager who deals only with VIP players.

They get entry into exclusive VIP prize draws which sometimes includes an all expenses paid trip to some beautiful places in the world. They may get to meet the presenters of the live game show and a visit to the television studios. Apart from all this, they get bonus money for being loyal players.

In the end, the winners of the live roulette show get to hear their names announced by the presenters and the amount they win and their pictures are displayed as well. The fun and the excitement must be experienced to actually believe in it. It is extremely amazing to see the popularity of live roulette grow day by day. With the benefits being so attractive, everyone has the desire to take part in it and feel the adrenalin rush as they play.

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