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What Might Be Involved In Becoming A Casino Dealer

The casino dealer is involved in running the poker, baccarat, blackjack, craps and roulette tables at the casino. Casino dealers are responsible for operating the game, accepting the bets, and explaining the game rules to customers if required. They might also be involved in alerting security to signs of suspicious game play. Many of the knowledgeable dealers are likely to participate at several different tables throughout a typical shift. If looking to pursue a career in the gaming industry, there isn’t any requirement for formal training, but it will be highly beneficial to have completed and obtained certification from a reputable school while also having the right temperament and personality for increasing the fun and enjoyment at the tables.Here are some of the main aspects to successfully applying for the role of a casino dealer:Education: in order to apply for the job vacancies as a casino dealer most of the casinos will require at minimum a high school diploma or similar certificate is held by the candidate. Since the job of a casino dealer is highly related to numbers it is likely that any interview will include a math skills test that relates to the type of problems seen on the tables.Formal training: a casino dealer needs to be knowledgeable of the basic dealing techniques, procedures, and game rules. Many of the potential dealers are likely to complete a specialized course at a technical or gaming school in the hope of earning the right certification. A quality training program is likely to incorporate such learning as the procedures and rules for the main table and card games, while also learning about the gaming regulations and laws that are applicable in the local state. Beyond the dedicated schools, you might also find that some of the community colleges are able to provide training lessons for the would-be dealer. Also, many of the reputable casinos offer a variety of programs for providing in-house training.License: casino dealers are required to hold a license to legally operate in the casinos, and these licenses are issued by the state-licensing bureau. A full application will need to be submitted to get the license and includes providing photo identification and proof of residency. A background check is part of the process to check for criminal records, while certain states also check that no late tax fees are due. A dealer with a criminal record isn’t likely to be eligible for applying for the license.

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