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Why Do Casino Offer Bonuses

It is important to understand why online casinos offer bonuses in the first place. You may have seen the advertisements about the various casino bonus offers available at your disposal, and you may have wondered why casinos offer such bonuses? Its really for three reasons. They either want to gain a new customer or they want to retain a current customer. The third reason isnt technically about you, its about the competition. They want to lure you away from the competition in effect helping out the customer and hurting the competitions profit.

In order to receive your bonus you must meet certain conditions outlined by the online casino. The online casinos are hoping that you will be honest, you wont cheat and all of your personal information is accurate. Of course, by accepting the bonus you are agreeing to the terms and conditions so it is important to read through this carefully.

One of the biggest conditions is the minimum of times a bet is placed or amount of money wagered on bets is placed. You must meet this condition before you are able to withdraw the money. So if the conditions say you must wager 10 times your casino bonus, and your bonus was $100, then you would have to wager $1000 before receiving the $100 bonus. It is safe to say the bigger the bonus the more times you have to wager normally. The casino feels that over the long run they have the advantage here, and they do, unless you have good wager management and are much disciplined.

The casino expects you to adhere to the terms and conditions, play with them regularly and they will pay out your winnings promptly. The terms and conditions may change from when you received your deposit, in which case you may have to comply with the new terms and conditions set forth, but you should check with your casino first.

The terms and conditions are a legally binding contract between you and the casino at which you play. These terms and conditions may change at any time, but they outline what the casino will do for you and what you must do for the casino. The bottom line is that you must read the terms and conditions, having not read the terms and conditions properly is not a viable defense. So do your due diligence and read the terms and conditions.

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