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A Bit Of Luck With A Four Leaf Clover.

Four-leaf clover is commonly considered to be a charm that brings luck to its owner. But what are these beliefs based on and how does one find a four-leaf clover? Well, if to take a religious point of view, every leaf of the plant acquires some sacred meaning. According to one interpretation prevailing in the Irish tradition, three leaves of the plant represent God the Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit of the Christian Trinity. And the fourth lucky leaf is God’s grace. But there is another explanation. Faith, hope and love constitute three common leafs of the white clover, while the fourth one stands for luck. But not only religious people are prone to believe in the majestic qualities of a four-leaf white clover. In their case, such beliefs may be explained by exceptional rarity of such plants, as only 1 plant in 10,000 will produce a four leaf clover. Some merry botanists tried to increase their quantity and claimed to acquire 1 case in 41. But who would believe in the magic of an artificially bred plant? But actually, there is no clear understanding of how such rare lucky plants appear in nature. Some explain it by genetic factors; others attribute them to certain environmental conditions. No matter why they appear, they bring you luck. Some people don’t limit their practical usage to personal affairs only. A lucky plant can be used to improve your chances while gambling and playing card games. Not very lucky at poker lately? Why not try the effect of a four-leaf white clover? Go to the clover field and look closely at the chosen patch, you eyes will naturally pick out the lucky ones. If you manage to find a couple of such clovers in a few minutes, then don’t forget to mark the place. As the plants are prone to mutate over again, the spotted place may become your permanent source of luck. The search is more likely to be more fruitful in trampled areas and particularly in late summer. But nowadays the life of the clover-seeker is much simplified. He can easily buy specially bred clovers beautifully incorporated into postcards or key rings. There are also more luxurious variants such as silver four-leaf clover necklaces or gold four leaf clover necklaces and rings.

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