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IPhone Real Play Blackjack, Roulette And Slots

So you’ve bought an iPhone and like most new owners of this fantastic little gadget, you are marveling at the ease and intuitiveness with which you can now navigate the web and its myriad of other cool functions. Before long you will probably visit the App store and download a couple of nifty applications like the spirit level or the compass.

What you might also find while browsing the App store are a number of casino games. Slots, blackjack, roulette; all the casino favorites are there. In fact within the broader games category there is a dedicated casino category containing dozens of casino games submitted by various developers. Some are free, some cost the nominal dollar or so to download. But presently they are all the same in one critical respect; they are all play for free games. That is to say you can neither win money nor lose money playing these games.

And yet there exists in the interactive gambling industry a considerable buzz about around iPhone gambling being the next frontier and pot of gold. In light of the considerable hype and presented with analyst predictions of future gambling revenues in the billions of dollars for this sector, you’d be forgiven for thinking that real money casino games are hidden somewhere in the App store. In fact they are not.

While casino software companies are no doubt licking their chops at the prospect of getting their games into the App store, Apple’s current policy is free play games only. And until such time as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Assessment Act is repealed and replaced with a regulatory and licensing regime with provisions that extend to gambling on mobile devices, I suspect this policy will remain unchanged.

Real money iPhone casino games are however in existence and being played as you read this article. Microgaming and their mobile platform division Spin3 have been offering iPhone casino games including blackjack, roulette, slots and a progressive jackpot game to their licensee online casinos for some months now. And I’m sure Microgaming are not alone. In order to play them, you will need to download the software directly from the casino rather than the from the App store.

Consistent with Microgaming’s current US player policy, American residents are currently not able to access these games. And again, this will likely not change until such time as UIGEA is repealed. But for most of the rest of the world, iPhone blackjack played for real money is available today.

And how do the games look? Well considering they are a cut down version (in terms of file size) of their PC counterparts built for small screens, they don’t look too bad. But don’t expect the whiz bang 3D graphics that will find on the PC casino games. In fact, as a guide, the free games currently available at the App store are probably comparable in terms of graphics and animation quality.

Mobile Casino Info is a mobile casino information site at which Milton Shaw is a contributing writer. For more information on iPhone casino games, visit their iPhone casinos page.

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