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A Roulette System Straight Up Strategy

With this roulette system, you will be playing numbers straight up that located loosely together on the wheel and have shown recently. The following steps guide you on the path to finding numbers, patterns , and sections of the wheel are running. The roulette system is mechanical. Do not deviate from the steps. In order to successfully target plays for wagering,you will have to get through four -Gates-. Only when you have passed through all gates, in order,do you make a wager. When you have passed through the fourth Gate, you will place straight up bets on three different numbers. You will play those three numbers for seven spins, or until one of the numbers hits, whichever comes first. If one of your numbers hits, you will play the same numbers for one more spin, or until they stop hitting. Keep in mind that getting through all four Gates with this roulette strategy takes patience. You will place wagers more rarely than with the Preliminary system. The good news is that these plays are extremely profitable. Here is a explanation of the four gates and how to get through them:

Gate #1 While observing the marquees that display spins at a roulette table,you must find four out of five numbers that have just shown and that are within nine places of each other on the wheel. European Single Zero Wheel Layout: 0-32-15-19-4-21-2-25-17-34-6-27-13-36-11-30-8-23-10-5-24-16-33- 1-20-14-31-9-22-18-29-7-28-12-35-3-26 American Double Zero Wheel Layout: 0-2-14-35-23-4-16-33-21-6-18-31-19-8-12-29-25-10-27-00-1-13-36-24-3-15-34-2 2-5-17-32-20-7-11-30-26-9-28 We will call these numbers -Neighbors-. For Example (American Layout), if the numbers 3, 5, 14, 15 and 32 showed, you would have passed -Gate #1 – because four out of the five numbers are close enough together on the wheel, within nine spaces. The 14 is not close enough, but we only need four out of five to pass Gate #1.

Gate #2 Go two left and two right of the last number that showed from Gate #1 sequence. In this example it was 32. On the left numbers 17 and 5 and on the right numbers 20 and 7. Of these 4 numbers, find one that has not been up for 10 spins but have been up from twelve to twenty seven spins back. Such a number we call -Original Number’. This is one of the numbers you will play if you get through Gate #4.

Gate #3 If you successfully find an -Original Number-, all four of your -neighbors- (From Gate # 1 l) must be within four left or four right of that -Original-,Number’. If they all are, then you have passed through Gate #3.

Gate #4 Coming forward or backward eight spins from the -Original Number’, locate two different numbers for this roulette system that: A) Have shown in the last eight spins. B) Are within Eight Spins of each other. C) Are within Eight Spins from the -Original Number’ and, D) Are within four left and four right of the -Original Number’on the wheel. We call these -Runners-. After skipping one spin, you place wagers on the -Original Number’, and on the two -Runners-, three numbers total, for seven spins bet these three numbers. Gate 5: This Gate tells you how to spread your chips on the three numbers of the previous gates. You recall that this is a flat bets system, but you will not bet a single unit on each of your three elected numbers. After you have qualified a play and skipped one spin, youwill place one unit on each of the two runners and TWO units on the Original number. A review of over 500,000 real casino spins that I have studied shows that this adjustment adds tremendously to the profit of the system. You can also verify this from your Tester Book and your own recorded spins. If you win, you must not initiate another play until 11 spins have gone by after the hit. If you lose, you must consider Gate 6. Gate 6: After a loss, wait forty spins before playing on the same wheel. The exception to this would be if, while recording spins during your 40 spin -time out-, you see a play and it would have won had you played it, then you may re enter on the next qualified play, whether or not it has been forty spins since your last -real- loss.But you still will not enter a play after a win for 11 spins after the winning number hit.

Gate 7: After the next loss. wait only 20 spins before playing on the same wheel. This time you will not enter a play until after a win of 7 spins after the winning number hit. Then proceed with this roulette system as above.

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