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Adult Birthday Party Themes

Planning adult birthday party themes can be just as much fun as planning a kid’s birthday party. Who says that the kids get to have all of the fun? Regardless of the guest of honor’s age, there is a fun and unique birthday party theme that will make him/her feel special. Host a birthday bash using one of these great adult birthday party themes and make it memorable for sure.

Consider every aspect of the party: games, theme, food, decorations, and costumes. Plan everything on the central theme of the afternoon or evening.

Adult Birthday Party Themes Ideas

Casino Party – a real adult party for all the high rollers you know. Craft your invitations from poker chips, postcards of high rolling casino cities, or oversized playing cards. Decorate the party space with all manner of casino-style dcor including black and red balloons and streamers. Games for your casino party can include both gambling and non-gambling card games such as Craps, Blackjack, Go Fish, and Crazy 8’s. See if a friend or family member will agree to play the part of the pit boss too! Award prizes for winners throughout the evening.

Spa Party/Coffee or Tea Party – you could really incorporate these themes together for a fun-filled and pampering evening. Feature a coffee and tea bar complete with flavored beverages with all the trimmings and a few fancy cookies, cakes, and biscotti. To pamper your guests, offer manicures, pedicures, massages, paraffin hand treatments, and makeovers. Don’t forget the cucumbers!

Pirate Party – Send treasure map invitations to all of your mateys announcing the pirate party. Ask guests to arrive in their best pirate or swabby costume. Party activities could include a scavenger/treasure hunt with the loser required to walk the plank (this would be really great if you have a pool!)

Milestone Party – not all adult birthday party themes appeal to everyone, so consider a milestone party theme for those who would appreciate some time with family and friends, but in a more informal atmosphere. For those celebrating their 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s, consider hosting a party complete with slideshows or photo displays of the honoree along with games they would enjoy. Try Bocce ball, croquet, horseshoes, or corn hole for fun games. Great food and dessert are a must of course.

Western Party -host a real hoedown for your friends and family in honor of your favorite buckaroo or cowgirl. This would be especially fun if you have a barn, but it can still be pulled off beautifully without one. Rope in your guests with western themed invitations and request they show up in western garb for the occasion. It goes without saying that the party should feature square dancing, line dancing, a lasso station, and excellent Western comfort food.

Adult birthday party themes are fun to plan and can really be limited only by your imagination. Consider the honoree’s personality and age first and foremost and then build your theme around him/her in a way that will create a memorable and fun birthday celebration.

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