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Are Casino Nights And Casino Fundraisers Different

Are Casino Nights and Casino Fundraisers Different?

Casino nights are not the same as casino fundraisers. A casino night fundraiser is similar to a regular casino party, but the two terms are not interchangeable. A casino night fundraiser cannot be a casino night, however a casino night event can also be a fundraiser. .

The difference is in how any casino nights are organized. If proceeds are going to benefit a non-profit organization, it is best to build an event as a a casino fundraiser . This lets the public know that the procedures for the event aren’t just going to benefit an organization’s operating costs. The proceeds are going to benefit a cause.

Holding casino nights without Fundraising

It is possible to simply have some casino nights without planning any fundraiser in conjunction. However, it is more typical for organizations to host casino fundraisers.

Simply holding casino nights can indicate money from the evening will be used to cover operating cost or to make money for a business itself. In other words, the proceeds raised do not benefit someone else.

What is different about a casino night Fundraiser?

Casino fundraisers operate on the generosity of the guests attending. Many times at a casino fundraiser, guests are allowed to buy poker chip add-ons or buy their way into a pot by the number of raffle tickets they purchase.

Casino fundraisers are usually organized to benefit another organization or pay medical expenses of a sick family member who has a terminal illness such as cancer. Casino fundraisers require thoughtful planning to raise funds for honorees to continue organization’s cause or work. And, guests may be asked to pay more for some services during casino nights simply because an event is a casino fundraiser.

Both casino nights and fundraisers need good organization

Whether it is a jazz concert to benefit the Red Cross or a dinner and casino games to pay for a friend’s medical bills. Both casino fundraisers and non-fundraising events require good organization and planning.

A simple a casino night may not require organizers to plan a silent auction to raise additional funds. However, silent auctions are good ways for non-profits to raise money for their cause. Guests can place their bids often for items and perhaps walk off with an exceptional bargain on one of the silent auction prizes.

Depending on size, it may be easier to host casino nights event than a casino night fundraiser. This is because organizers may have to go to the additional trouble of planning a silent auction with more than 25 items. Additional time must be spent gathering items and contacting business owners in order to make the event fundraiser a success.

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