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Blackjack Cheating

Counting cards is often believed to be a kind of cheating by beginners, but it is not so. Card counting could be a good strategy, but not cheating for sure. You should use the information spread on the table to take wise decisions regarding the bet amount to be placed by you.

But casinos don’t like you counting cards any way. So do this, without getting noticed. This act of yours may make them agitated and get you out of the casino anytime, as the casino owners have the right to decide who will play, and who won’t. But surely there are ways of blackjack cheating. Primarily there are only few types,

which are stated below:

o Marking the cards o Switching cards o Dealers cheating

Blackjack cheating can easily get you in trouble. The casino owners can make you go barred from playing n the casino anymore, or may levy legal obligations as per the rules of the state and association.

Sometimes players try blackjack cheating by marking the cards. The various other ways of cheating are:

Marking a card enables the player to guess out the dealer’s cards quite easily. Players often do marking on cards by scratching the corner of the cards, which they can easily recognize during the play. Another popular way of blackjack cheating is switching the cards. But it is for those only who have a great experience of sleight of hand, who are actually the master of this art. Only they can conduct it with finesse. The experts do it, by switching the hidden cards held under their sleeve to the cards in their hand during shuffling the decks.

The last one, but surely the most interesting way of blackjack cheating is dealer cheating. It has been named very appropriately. Like what you might have heard about match fixing etc. it is of the same kind. Here the player may bribe the dealer to fix the game in his favor.

All these ways of blackjack cheating are somehow hypothetical. Since the casino enjoy the obvious mathematical advantage, which the players can’t access. That is counting the cards in very deck. It is something which is often claimed to be impartial. As it lets the casino earn more money by the end of the day and players loose loads of their hard earned amount in gambling this way. So it is apt to say a famous saying in this context today that -cheaters never win, and winners never cheat-.

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