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Differences Between Live Blackjack Tv And Conventional Casino Blackjack

Unlike conventional Blackjack, live blackjack TV is played on the computer through online casinos. Players can sit at home and play using the same rules in Live Dealer Blackjack. There is no need for the player to travel all the way to casinos in exotic locations to play Blackjack. live blackjack TV has a real dealer although the game is played online while also it is shown on certain television channels.

A conventional game of Blackjack can have one to seven players playing against the dealer. There is no limitation in the number of players in Live Dealer Blackjack played on the television as everyone is linked up online and the virtual table space is infinite.

In live blackjack TV, players can play upto three hands in one game. This is not possible in conventional Blackjack. This increases the player’s chances of winning by three times. Players also have three times more chances of losing out to the dealer. Playing Live Dealer Blackjack needs experience. A player of Live Dealer Blackjack needs to know how to wager and then continue placing bets to maximize his winning amount.

Players do not have to keep a tab on the sum of the cards if they are playing more than one hand. The software used in Live Dealer Blackjack keeps a record of the sum of the cards of the players and displays it to them in a small window at the corner of the screen.

Players of super casino live blackjack TV have the betting options at the side of his computer screen. By the click of a button he can choose the type of bet. The technique of the game of Blackjack has been rendered easy by the online casinos through Live Dealer Blackjack. The real dealer contributes to the realistic atmosphere of the game. Winning in Live Dealer Blackjack needs the right strategies and a dash of luck like conventional Blackjack.

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