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Discover What Casino Games Slots Is

Today, slot machines have virtually evolved and there are many different types of machines to be found in online casinos. Even though there are 7 major categories of casino games slots, the three most popular and widely played machines are the classic online slots, video slots and the progressive online slots machines.

The most popularly played slots machines in online casinos are the classic online slots. They have similar appearance to the traditional slots machines that were first made. There are 3 reels plus a single payline to play on. These traditional machines still use coin denominations and winning combination is still based upon various symbols. However, most online casinos use 3D animations in the symbols. While some classic slots machines have bonus slots, other slots have progressive jackpot.

When you want to play Online Video Slots Games, you will find that there are 5 or even more reels and multiple number of paylines. This game is going to really grab your attention. The results in this game are controlled especially by computer programs so as to offer fair play to all the players. Computer programs generate random numbers that determine the results. This factor makes these games much advanced and better than the traditional old slots machines.

There is not much difference between the traditional reel-based slot machines and video slots, as far as the looks are concerned. Reel mapping determines the results in traditional slots machines, but not in the case of video slots. There are many different themes offered in this advanced version of online slots. You can find as many as 90 symbols in this game. While the chances of winning are low in this game, the jackpot and winning amount is going to be big.

Online Progressive Slots is the next variation of online casino games slots. When you win in progressive slots, you are looking at a lot of money compared to the other two variations. The concept of progressive slots is connecting the bets of all the slots machines in an online casino. Sometimes, the bets can be connected from the slots machines of a group of online casinos.

The central pool in Online Progressive Slots is the place where the contributions from all the bets placed in the online casino keep accumulating. This makes this pool to grow significantly in size. This money is also called jackpot and it is one of the biggest among all the online casino games. If you are a lucky player, you will hit the winning combination and take away all the money in the pool.

The jackpot size in Online Progressive Slots is always growing and it can be worth millions of dollars. It is the thrill of winning such a huge amount of money. But, the payout percentage in this game is lower as compared to other types of online casino games slots. You can choose any type of slots variation to enjoy the game, but the thrill offered by this game is simply superb.

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