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Fake Jewelry How To Spot It

You are walking to your car in the parking lot of a casino and a nice, well dressed young lady approaches you, takes off a heavy sterling silver chain from her neck and offers to sell it to you for a hundred bucks. Her story goes like this: she has just squandered a fortune at roulette, and desperately needs another crack at the wheel.

The heavy chain is marked with an authentic looking 925 stamp, and looks every bit of the thousand clams an authentic sterling silver chain like this would normally fetch Your primal instinct of greed is triggered. To buy or not to buy? Well, her loss, my gain Isnt it? With these thoughts running through your head, you are well on your way to becoming one of the many victims to fall prey to an oft-used scam. Shes not a compulsive gambler and the 925 chain is made from cheap base metal.

Unfortunately, it is way too easy to be deceived by individual charlatans offering fake fake sterling silver jewelry on the web for sale claiming that they are original pieces. There are simply too many sellers around the world trading fakes.

Bootleg sterling silver chains that are stamped 925 can be bought on the Internet now. Often, they even come in authentic looking boxes. How would you escape this pitfall? Easy. Don’t buy sterling silver jewelry from strangers off the street, because without exception in will be a fake.
Even designer jewelry is fair game for counterfeiters, who are able to place authentic looking stamps on their bootlegs. However, theres almost always the one distinguishing feature which tells it all. Take for example, the fake Rolex watch. Like the aforementioned sterling silver chain, it may come in a genuine looking box and is always accompanied by some type of story of how the seller needs quick cash. Whatever the tale, the second hand usually tells it all. The second hand on a fake Rolex will move with a tick while the second hand on a real Rolex travels in a fluid, continuous motion.

In addition, if the peddler claims to sell real precious metal jewelry, ask him to perform a strong chemical polish. In the case of a fake, a powerful wash would abrade away the surface layer of gold or silver, leaving only the underlying cheap metal.

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