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Great Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Are you tired of the same old Dracula, Elvis or grim reaper costumes? Perhaps youre looking to try something different this Halloween? Using your imagination and a few unique props you can put together, here are a few men’s Halloween costume ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd this year.

Blackjack Dealer

Dress yourself in black dress pants, a black vest, white shirt, black bow tie, and of course a name tag. The blackjack table prop will take a bit of skill. Using heavy cardboard, cut out an angled U shape from cardboard. Paint the cardboard black and secure green felt along the top. Along the wider outer edge, draw rectangular shapes to indicate where the cards will be dealt. Closer to your body, add some information like “Vegas Casino”, etc. in fancy script. Attach two long straps to the front and back of the table to slip over your shoulders. And there you have it… a portable blackjack table. Don’t forget to carry a deck of cards with you!>

Victorian Vampire

Instead of a typical Dracula cape, dress yourself in black pants and a long Victorian styled black coat. Line the collar in red velvet and stand it up. Attach a shoulder cape (some of these Victorian coats already come with the cape attached), add grey lace ruffles at the cuffs. Finish off with a grey lace cravat in place of a tie, and a black top hat.

Zombie Doctor

You’ll need some doctor scrubs and a lab coat. Tear and rip the bottoms and cuffs of each clothing piece. Using fabric paints or dyes add blood stains to the garments. If you’re feeling particularly gross, attach some fake “flesh” here and there. Cover your head with a surgical cap and zombie face mask. Wear “bloody” latex gloves to cover your hands. Don’t forget your stethoscope doctor!

Chick Magnet

Cut out foam in the shape of a magnet and cover the magnet with a shiny gray material. Cover the last 6 inches of each end with black material. Glue or pin small toy baby chickens on the edges of the magnet. Place the magnet around your neck and shoulders.

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