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History Of 3 Reel Slots

Classic online slots were invented by the machinist Charles Fey in 1890 in the United States. The first slots machine known as Liberty Bells was characterized by a payout of ten nickels and three bells. Compared to the best online slots machines developed by modern online and mobile casino vendors, the first classic slots were programmed for up to 83% payout of the money wagered.

Nowadays online casinos offer a plenty of downloadable and no download slots equipped with 3 and 5 reels. Unlike 5-reel slots, 3-reel slots have only 3 spinning reels with up to 5 paylines. In fact, 3-reel slots have always been the easiest and the most convenient variation of slots. Originally, 3-reel slots were designed in the same way we have it today, with a plenty of fruit and animal themed symbols. At modern 3-reel slots each winning line corresponds to a particular payout that may vary from casino to casino. Additionally, online and mobile casino vendors span a plenty of cashable and non-cashable promotions, including extra trails, bonus spins, scatter and wild symbols. In case a player is lucky to receive a line of particular symbols, he/she is to get one of these bonuses. Although Fey’s invention was banned in 1930, it gives the world the concept of slots machines diversified in forms and animations by modern gaming software developers.

The best online slots, ranging from no download slots to animated mobile casino slots, accessible on the major gambling websites are advanced in terms of navigation, interface and winning options. Thanks to the random number generator, 3-reel slots have become not only a popular way of entertainment, but also a well-known source of making real money.

At modern 3-reel slots a player is allowed to play with maximum 5 coins per game. The more coins a player stakes on, then the higher winning he/she is likely to have. Another tactics that can be used to multiply winnings at 3-reel slots lies in higher number of paylines to play with. Most downloadable and no download slots give leverage in a diversified number of paylines and reel to play.

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