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How To Get Fun Travel Jobs

Do you want a travel job that is both fun and exciting?

There are plenty of jobs that all involve travel, fun, and excitement. For the youthful fresh graduates and for the young at heart, fun travel jobs are the perfect kind of job.

Here are some of them:

Adventure Guide

This job is truly exhilarating. If you are an outdoors person and just love being with other people doing adventurous activities, this career is exactly what you wanted.

Being an adventure guide gives you the opportunity to travel to scenic places and locations that offer thrilling activities like whitewater rafting, mountain climbing, and even bungee jumping. Adventure guides have the responsibility to organize and lead groups. Their main goal is to give the most enjoyable experience possible.

Training may be required for whatever activity or itinerary you may want to specialize on. When you have sufficient training and certifications, you can be easily hired by agencies that provide these services to willing clients. Pay is good and the accommodations and food are typically free.

Musical Performer

Being a performer is always fun as long as you are passionate about your craft. This kind of career can make you go places and not just to any old location. You get to perform in tourist destinations where fun, pleasure, and relaxation is paramount.

Are you a talented DJ? You can play in Ibiza clubs for all kinds of the beautiful people like models, celebrities, and other fun-loving social creatures.

Do you play in a band? Cruise ships are another great option. You can play there and become a mini-celebrity aboard the ship.

Performers are paid well and they can get a lot of tips from satisfied vacationers. You’ll be having fun traveling while doing what you love most which is playing music.

Casino Dealer

If gambling is your idea of fun, then be a casino dealer! The pure thrill of combining luck, skill, and guts into play will be yours to experience. You can work in Las Vegas, Macaw, Atlantic City, anywhere. Gambling is everywhere but if you really want to enjoy your travels, secure a spot in cruise lines with casinos.

Training and certifications are needed but they can be attained while you are still at home. In some schools, you can get the precious training you need through internships in different gambling establishments.

Public Speaking

If getting adulation and staying at posh hotels is your thing, public speaking is a good career option for you. Public speakers will get highly paid for just an hour of their time on stage. If that is not enough incentive, speakers get to travel to various places, stay in luxurious hotels, and eat the best food, usually all for free. Depending on the negotiations, these are all paid by your clients.

Anyone can become a professional public speaker. However, it requires expertise and brilliant marketing skills to achieve success. It is mostly a business venture as you are selling your skills in persuasion, motivation, and entertainment.

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