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How To Win At Roulette Some Of The Time

Much has been said and written on how to win at roulette. All flavors of theories have been offered to convince the everyday Joe and Jane that theirs is the magic formula. Akin to tasting the forbidden fruit, everyone is quite familiar with the consequences thereafter. As in anything in life, roll up your sleeves and do some research before plunging headlong into deep waters. When youve learnt the principles of how to play roulette, you then know some of the dos and donts on how to win at roulette. Make full use of other players experiences and tips to avoid pit holes. Most importantly, keep it simple. If you fill your mind with too many strategies, you will have a date with Dr


Once youve got the principles of roulette down pat, have a go at it. Playing in
a live casino as compared to the internet offers very different experiences. A live environment can be distracting and intimidating whereas you can enjoy the safety and comfort of your home. Playing roulette for free as opposed to playing for real money also presents varying levels of satisfaction. If you think you can fulfill your objective on how to win at roulette, playing for money is obviously the way to go. Since most of us dont have a gaggle of golden geese in our backyard nor are sole heirs to rich uncles on their deathbeds, a good idea is to set aside a roulette budget and keep to it.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Thats what everyone says to those whove lost their pants after a gambling binge. Make a roulette game plan before you start playing, especially if youre playing for real money. Keep to the plan regardless of whether things are going right or wrong. If you want to change your plan, step away from the game and analyze your reasons for change and amend your plan in a systematic manner. Dont change the plan whilst playing as you are bound to make brash mistakes and generate unnecessary panic.

Since there are 2 types of roulette wheels, pick the one that gives you better odds against the house. Experts prefer the European wheel with its 37 numbered slots rather than the American wheel with 1 extra slot. One doesnt need to be a math genius to figure out that less slots equals a higher chance of your betted slot being picked. When placing a bet, pick winning roulette combinations such as Even, Odd, Low, High numbers, Red or Black colors as they have higher chances of winning.

If youre playing in a real casino, walk around and observe each roulette tables performance. Another oft forgotten but obvious factor is the condition of the roulette wheel and table. Being physical equipment, they are subject to design and construction flaws, wear-&-tear, dust-&-dirt buildup, uneven floor and carpet levels. However, wise casino operators will have ironed out such odds against the house else risk being labeled the house of free lunches. If croupiers or dealers subconsciously shift the odds by their spinning techniques, keen-eyed floor supervisors with CCTV assistance will pick them out. If youre fortunate and do spot a table which gives a more favorable outcome, thats when the elusive Lady Luck gives you a break. An online roulette game is normally more subject to design and programming slip-ups which may not be so easily detected.

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