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Learn To Count Cards In Blackjack

Are you ready to learn the arcane secrets of remembering the cards? If you are, you’re on your way to winning at cards.

Develop a Simple System. Six of Hearts, Queen of Clubs, Ace of Spades. For some, just remembering those three cards is a challenge for more than a minute or two. There is too much detail. Most brains prefer a simpler system, a code. Use a two-part code of letters and numbers. Try remembering 6H for Six of Hearts, QC for Queen of Clubs and 1S for Ace of Spades. And so on. That’s just 6H, QC, and 1S. Experts in card counting recommend this system. Try practicing with a deck of cards. You’ll find it much easier.

Use an Imaginary Filing Cabinet. So you’ve got an alpha-numeric code for the cards. Here’s another trick to keep track of cards during a game. Imagine a one-drawer filing cabinet. Inside, you’ve got four files, one for each suit. Imagine the files with the suit on the label, and be sure to put them in the same order every time. Now, when the dealer throws out a card, take the imaginary card (such as 7S) and “file it” in the right file (Spades). Do the same with all the subsequent cards. Try to keep them in order, of course. Using a filing cabinet will help you keep track of cards that have been played, and the ones that are still coming up.

You Gotta Practice, Of Course. Knowing the memory tricks is just the first step, of course. Next, you have to practice. Get a friend or two together and practice remembering the cards and using the filing cabinet. You can control the pace of the game until you get better at remembering the cards. While playing blackjack, use the codes and the filing cabinet you’ve just learned about. Picture each of the card suits going into the filing cabinet as the dealer tosses them out. What’s in the file? What’s coming up?

Learn the Science of the Game. While you can’t predict what card’s going to show next, you can predict What’s most likely to show? You can, that is, if you understand the science of gamingstatistics and Probability. If you’re serious about playing cards, get yourself a book about gaming and probability. Study it. You’ll find it’s one thing to remember the cards, but quite another to know what to expect next.

Once again, practice this newfound knowledge with friends. You’ll find That learning about gaming science pays off and is well worth the effort. Remember, succeeding at cards takes three things: brain fitness, memory techniques, and gaming science. Investing time in all three will make you an imposing figure at the blackjack table!

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