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Mysticism In Gambling

Always wearing the same navy-blue striped suit to job interviews? Using the pen from one of the previous exams to take a current one? Saying one brief prayer before taking up a new assignment? How many of us have held on to similar beliefs?

They actually work! From time immemorial, people have related an occurrence to an action, which over a period of time made them believe, that the action is sacred and has a strong influence on the outcome of their endevours. And this phenomenon can be witnessed in every country, every continent and every culture. Early civilizations are ruled with mysticism, witchcraft and rituals that were used to achieve specific goals. Though their nature varied from culture to culture, the fact remains that man had always relied on an external “powers” to assist him in various tasks he took up. The ones who wouldn’t believe these so-called miracles, deemed them superstitions.

Today, centuries later, some of these beliefs continue to exist even in modern society. So much, that they have increased in variety, even though something exactly the opposite was expected, and the case with gambling is no different.

Gamblers have always sought the aid of supernatural powers even from the very beginning. When a gambler wins, he is on the look out to find what it was that enabled him to win. Most often, the gamblers continue to believe in the same rituals that their ancestors believed in. It is because they feel that if it was auspicious for the forefathers, then it will work for them too. However, there are some common beliefs.

For instance, it is believed to be most irresponsible to enter a casino through its main gate, a belief that the majority of gamblers resort to. Crossing legs at the game table is considered unlucky. Players do not count their winnings, it is believed to bring bad luck. Similarly, many such superstitions exist, and if the gamblers fail to continue to exercise what kept them going, they invariably end up losing the game. This tends to reinforce their belief in their lucky charms, without the awareness that they have been subconsciously led to failure.

Going further, nowadays even complex rituals are performed before games, with some of them constituted by prayers. People use wizardry to cast spells on opponents before the game. Players believe that rituals have the ability to wean away the energies of their adversaries, leading them to make a wrong move and lose the game. Quite surprisingly, they have shown results on a number of occasions too, thereby leading more players to believe in similar activities.

Beliefs such as these, have grown very fast and a whole new set of professions have emerged in the scene, to cater to the superstitious class. Mystics, magicians and the like have learnt to capitalize on the psyche of gamblers and their beliefs to create a financial base for themselves. Hence a lot of winnings earned by gamblers goes to their “gurus” in the process.

While believing some things can bring you fortune is OK, it is very important not to get obsessed with such beliefs. Obsession can most certainly lead to paranoia, which finally leads to addiction. For once, if the lucky charm isn’t in your possession, you are doomed to lose your game, and end up losing a lot of cash in the process. So keep the beliefs limited, and play a good game using tactics and intelligence. These will stand you in good stead during gambling.

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