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New Hampshire Online Casino Real Money Gambling

heated contest is going on about the new Hampshire Casino Bill which revolves around the legalizing of casino gambling as declared under the bill. The sponsors of the bill are hopeful that the gaming income shares of the state, New Hampshire would be utilized for planned improvements of highway and hence it would not be necessary to move up the gas tax. The governor might support this bill but it is still not popular amongst the ones who are against casinos. The supporters of this bill think that a single casino may generate $130 million of taxes every year. And most of the tax would go for higher education and for road improvements. And the remaining 1% that would be around $5 billion might be used for treating the gambling addictions.

The bill is likely to get passed as the out of 5 group members, 3 members are amongst the supporters of the bill who have high hopes with a casino getting opened in New Hampshire. The supporters of New Hampshire Casino Bill are of the view that legalizing the gambling would be helpful for state revenues, education and jobs, in creating business of new satellites, etc. whereas the opponents have claimed that legalizing the gambling would result in less paid jobs, increased crime, cannibalized business and less revenues. With the support of the governor, the supporters feel that this casino bill might get passed and have high hopes from New Hampshire Casino Bill. The opponents of the bill feel that if this bill gets passed then it would lead to the addiction of gambling amongst people along with promoting corruption. The bill states that lottery video machines should be allowed in one casino up to a number of 5000 along with 150 different table games. The license of one casino would cost the owner a sum of $80 million. As predicted by the supporters, this huge amount would bring good transportation system and economic development of the state. In fact some people available at the hearing of the bill have also suggested that New Hampshire has a room for more than a single casino. And hence there can be a study on this if more than one casino can be added in New Hampshire in the coming future or not. Various gambling proposals have been passed before as well but this is the first time that the committee needs to approve bill which states that video machines and a casino should be allowed in New Hampshire.

One of the factors that I think isn’t being given enough notice is that there are only so many casino gambling dollars available and we are quickly reaching the saturation point. As more and more race tracks try to get in on the casino gambling market, they will find that there just isn’t enough of a market, enough players, to justify a large investment in casino gambling or card rooms.

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