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Online Casino Controversy

Those who love to play at the casino or online casino in Australia will be intrigued to learn of some recent news developments. The Australian Government has just recently released the 2010 Productivity Commission Report into Gambling for consideration by States, Territories, industry and the community at large. The Government has also announced that it does support certain reforms that would minimize the harm that online pokies and other forms of gambling can have.

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So far, in response to the 2010 Productivity Commission Report, the government seems to be sending positive messages to the online casino and gambling industries. They have indicated that they want to tackle the problems at hand and that they are committed to working with State and Territory Governments to implement these technology choices. However, the news for the online casino and for online pokies is not necessarily great. The Australian Government does not agree with the idea to liberalize online gambling choices and online casino options. However, the Australian Government does accept that further considerations can be made, and discussions may insure to minimize the harm caused by online casino sites, pokies, and more.

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At the moment, the plan is for the Australian Government to write to State and Territory Premiers and Chief Ministers. They plan to recommend a high-level Council of Australian Governments Select Council of Ministers on Gambling Reform to put together a national approach to gambling and online casino gambling. The Productivity Commission recognizes that online casino sites and gambling locations are important industries and that they account for $19 billion in expenditures while supporting the employment of 145,000 people! Certainly, with this much at stake, they are interested in finding ways to work with the online casino industry and the gambling industry to make these sites viable, while also watching out for people who tend to get overwhelmed by the system and to lose a dangerous amount of money.

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In addition, the Government plans to take a look at regulatory regimes that are in place for other online casino gambling locations, such as the United States. They want to see how other countries deal with these issues. They also want to use the model from other countries to look at the possibility of having a more effective regulatory regime to address online casino gambling and to look at the social impact and the impact on the Australian gambling industry that these regimes would entail.

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Of course, for now, those who enjoy online pokies can find their favorite online casino sites and can enjoy playing to their heart’s content. There are many online casino sites that cater to the Aussie population and that make it fun and easy to enjoy pokies anytime of the day or night. Keep abreast of the online casino and gambling news to know what is happening with online pokies and to continue enjoying this game, and many more like it, when you want to do so!

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