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Online Dating Tips How To Gamble On A Sure Loser

Relationships at times can make you feel like you are in a Las Vegas casino. You go on a hot streak and it feels like you can do no wrong when it comes to dating. The next time you go into a slump which is so overwhelming you wonder if you will ever win anything again. No matter what you do it turns out wrong and ruins the whole dating relationship.

The good news is when it comes to on line dating you have an ample supply of opportunities to correct the mistakes and get it right the next time around. However if your aim with internet dating is to stay in the slump then the easiest way imaginable is to bet on a sure loser.

What’s a sure loser? Getting into an on line relationship with someone who:

1. Always Cries in Their Beer

You’ve have some tough times in your life. Who hasn’t? But you meet someone at an internet dating service who is forever singing the blues. If something good and uplifting comes along they have a way of turning into something depressing or trivial to the point it makes no difference. You would think these folks would be by themselves a lot but they are not. Misery loves company and once you start sympathizing with their plight you can find yourself easily logging on to chat with them about the “bad” news.

2. The Not So Good Mystery Novel

A little mystery and aloofness can raise anyone’s curiosity level. It’s just human nature that the less someone says or does the more the other person wants to know. The problem is your on line dating partner is secretive to the point of ridiculous. They rarely if ever give a direct answer to any of your questions. If they do it’s usually vague and they wind up quickly changing the subject. This may be setting your heart a flutter to know more. But what it should be doing is setting off your instinct’s alarm bells.

3. They Love You. What’s Your Name Again?

The two of you have a lot of fun with your online chats. You have gotten very comfortable sharing personal information but any talk of love should make you very leery. Love is not a word anyone should throw around casually and if your cyber date is doing just that (particularly when you have not met offline yet) then you may have a needy obsessive person on your monitor; either that or someone who is deliberately playing on your emotions. Scammers do this a lot.

As much as we would like them to no relationship is a sure thing. The best laid plans can result in failure. On the other hand not giving it a second thought may land you in the middle of the best relationship you have ever had. Who knows? But if you want a sure loser than falling for any or all the above is a great way to go about it.

Article written by Daryl Campbell at The Relationship Tip. Become an expert at spotting the online dating red flags

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