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Online Roulette Systems Getting A Piece Of The Action With A Betting System

Roulette has been called the ?King of Casino Games?. This could be because of its long history of being a game of elegance and civilized players. Or because it is one of the easiest games to play and understand either in a casino or online. Unlike poker or blackjack, which requires some type of skill to play and win, roulette has no complex rules.

The object of the game is to predict which slot or pocket the little white ball will land after it is spun. The sound of that bouncing, tingling ball can be music to your ears as you score a giant win and ?break the bank? or it is the sound of your wallet being sucked dry.

Roulette has one the highest house edges of any table game. So naturally over time, the odds will play against you. But there is hope. Since roulette is over 210 years old, it is one of the most studied and researched casino games in history.

Online roulette has spread this exciting game even further. Along with the software the online casino provides, you can also download and use ?roulette companion? applications like Routrack.

All this scientific and not so formal study has lead to the development of what are called betting ?systems?. But you may also have heard about a ?money management? system. So what?s the difference?

Betting Systems vs. Money Management Systems

Money management systems are basically ways for you to discipline yourself to place bets on online roulette games in a calm and systemic way to nurse your bankroll as long as you can. The longer you hold on to your bankroll, the longer you can play and the more fun you will have.

A money management system teaches you how to hold out against impulsive moves and wrong-headed thinking brought on by your emotions getting the best of you. A money management system is about ?saving? money, not winning. A good management system has preset loss limits and goals for winning so you know when to ?take the money and run?.

So what does money management have to do with you winning? Everything, of course! For you or anyone else?s betting system to work you have to have a bankroll. No system is perfect and you may have some downturns every now and then. A good online roulette player learns to switch from their ?betting? system back to their ?hold on to it? money management, when the odds move against them.

Now some of the most popular betting systems for online roulette:

1) The Martingale System. This one is the granddaddy of all betting systems. The idea is simple; you start with a single bet. If you win you place another single bet if you lose, you double your bet. The theory is that anytime you lose, you double that losing bet and eventually you will win. But the Martingale requires a large bankroll. So don?t forget your money management skills.

2) The Parlay Strategy. Now this system is not for the faint of heart. Often nicknamed ?let it ride?. with this system if you win, you take your winnings and place another bet. If you win again, you take those winnings and place another bet. And so on. The key to this online roulette system is to eventually take your winnings off the table and exit the game.

3) The Paroli Method. This online roulette system is actually the opposite of Martingale. When you win you double your bet. When you lose, you start over with a single bet rather than increase the bet like the Martingale system. But like the Martingale this is a progressive system that requires a big bankroll to work.

Now that you know a little more about online roulette betting systems you can play with confidence. But remember; always stop when the game is no longer fun.

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