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Outstanding Lottery Recommendations From The Professor

Those reading my posts on Lotto Blog like playing the lottery as much as I enjoy sharing my knowledge with them. It’s a great resource for lottery fans. Hopefully, you will get answers to your questions, find lottery advice, polish your play while having some fun. One of the questions that visitors ask the most is, ‘What’s your best lottery advice?’

So, you want some good advice? Don’t play the lottery. This may sound strange, coming from someone who has spent over 20 years writing software to analyze lotteries, but it is undoubtedly the best advice I can give. But, if you’re going to play, then at least play smart. Buy some good lotto software and put your brain to work. But, finding lottery software isn’t as easy as it sounds. Try to overlook all the lottery hype on the internet because really there are only 3 or 4 honest products on the market today.

Here is some more advice for those that are in decent financial shape. Make a budget and adhere to it. In fact, trimming your lottery budget may be good for you; even therapeutic. Aserting a little self-control over our lives is never a bad thing.

Also, play sharp; be on the ball. Utilize the lottery tools that are available to improve your play list. Low probability bets should be curtailed to minimize waste. Are you aware that it is possible to reduce your expenses while maintaining the extent of your lottery footprint? All of these things are possible. And, in our modern age, the secrets to success are the computer and the software.

So, how can good lottery software help? Let me explain. There are many games of chance; BlackJack, Horse Racing, Poker, to name a few. And, if a player studies how to play them correctly he will improve his chances. But, this is common knowledge! You know this! So, why should the lottery be any different? There are tons of things you could do to improve your chances.

Now, you’ve probably heard some skeptic say that each drawing is random so there is no advantage to analyzing a lottery’s history. Balderdash! That’s just silly. Every game of chance is random, that’s why they call it gambling. And, when you gamble, you are playing the odds.

Here’s what I mean. No one would deny that BlackJack is a random game. Nobody knows which card is going be dealt next. So, using the critics reasoning, there would be no way to improve your chances. But, the professional gambler will outperform the novice at BlackJack, because of three things:
1. He knows how to play the game.
2. He knows how to play the odds.
3. He knows how to gamble.

I could have picked any other form of gambling in the example. But, let’s be serious for a moment. The lottery is for fun; for recreation. It’s an exciting game because of the huge jackpots and the possibility of a life transforming event happening in a couple of days; the total rags to riches theme. But, if you allow the dream to consumes you, then a nightmare will surely take it’s place.

Today, some you of you are trying to deal with very difficult financial problems. With the economy a mess, there seems to be no relief in site. Winning the lottery might just be the mirable you’re looking for. People, listen to me. The lottery isn’t it. Don’t play! Stop playing the lottery!

This is good advice. Playing the lottery is not the solution to your financial problems. You are the solution. You don’t have to look elsewhere. All the answers you are looking for are within you.

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