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Poker Theme Birthday Party With Casino Party Favors

According to Youthventure.org, Monument Mountain High School in Western Massachusetts has been able to open a school within its campus called the Independent Project. Reportedly, students, apart from having book clubs, learn math through poker here. Parents often encourage their children to play poker in order to strengthen their reasoning and accounts. Poker-theme birthday parties are liked by young boys and teenagers, although adults will need to be around to guide the kids. You can include theme adapted snacks and arrange casino party favors for the guests to complete the birthday celebration.

Poker Birthday Party Ideas with Complementary Casino Party Favors

Here is a list of activities that you can do at the teenager’s casino night that may include casino party favors, theme snacks, playing games, and more:

Poker game

You can rent a poker table-top and roulette for a proper casino night. Or simply play 5-card draw, which is the simplest and oldest of all the poker variants. Select a dealer out of the adults, while the teenagers can the play the game. You can introduce chocolate casino party favors customized as poker chips in different colors and patterns. You can get the treats etched with the birthday boy’s name and the name of the party theme. Give the guests their pack of chocolate poker chips as they get seated around the poker table.

Poker face game

Another interesting party game is the poker face game. This can include younger children as well. To play poker face, ask the children to sit together while one of them comes forward and tells two lies and one truth about themselves with a poker face. It is for the other children to decide which statements are lies and which one is true. Whoever answers correctly gets chocolate casino party favors. Similarly, chocolate poker chips can also be awarded to the -poker face’ who successfully manages to bluff the audience.


While the party guests are busy with the games and other entertainment, you can serve theme related snacks in easy bites, such as mushroom dumplings, tortillas, teriyaki chicken wings, nachos with dip, etc. Quench the guests’ thirst with mugs of fruit beer and iced tea.

Favors for the guests

While the winner at the poker table will receive his share casino party favors, other guests can also get customized chocolate gold coins to commemorate the poker night.

To place an order for chocolate poker chips and chocolate gold coins, find a retailer that also offers customization at affordable prices.

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