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Responsible Gambling Recommendations From Clubs Australia

In Australia, clubs and pubs are popular gambling destinations. These venues host dozens of pokies and other electronic gaming machines, so club owners have been made accountable for the recent rise in the number of gambling addiction cases. To help curb problem gambling rates across the country, Clubs Australia has proposed a number of recommendations that promote responsible gambling.

Clubs Australia represents gaming clubs across the country. In addition to protecting the best interests of club owners, the organization is also dedicated to maintaining a positive reputation for clubs. As such, the group is committed to promoting responsible gambling among club patrons and the community at large.

The organization believes that it is important to promote responsible gambling on a national level, rather than simply appealing to club patrons on an individual basis. To get the attention of local community members, Clubs Australia proposed a national advertising campaign that would encourage players to gamble responsibly. The advertisements would be displayed at clubs, on clubs’ websites and on social networking platforms. Additionally, the organization recommends that clubs display information about problem gambling treatment options prominently at their venues and on their websites, so players have easy access to this valuable information.

Clubs Australia also recommends promoting responsible gambling in schools. It is a well-known fact that many Australian children are being exposed to gambling from a very early age, and it is important that they understand the reality of the activity. The education program proposed by Clubs Australia would teach school-aged children about responsible gambling and identifying problem gambling signs.

Intervention is an important consideration, as well. Clubs Australia recommends that the government fund an improved training program for senior staff members at pubs and clubs. This training would provide them with the knowledge and insight required to identify problem gamblers and offer them assistance. The organization also recommends that clubs host family interventions for problem gamblers that wager in land-based venues and at online casino websites. If the player refuses to accept help, Clubs Australia suggests that the government should intervene, imposing involuntary exclusion or mandated counselling.

Many of these recommendations have been taken into consideration by state governments. Clubs Australia recently proposed an idea for improved self-exclusion programs, which would allow players to ban themselves from multiple venues. Politicians in New South Wales were impressed with the plan, and have decided to offer the program on a six-month trial basis. The organization’s proposal for a Problem Gambling Research Centre has also received a great deal of support from educators and politicians across the country.

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