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Roulette Introduction

Casinos all over the world have long since introduced the game of roulette to players and it is one of the most enjoyed and popular games available in the casino. Though various leading casinos in Las Vegas tried to promote other casino games like the high roller Craps tables and baccarat pits, they could not carve a niche among the gambling population. It is roulette wheel that is considered as a symbol of betting across the world.

Roulette introduction is more in Europe than in the United States. The main reason behind this is the different versions played in both the countries. The European Roulette has only one single zero on the wheel, while its American roulette counterpart has two zeros on the wheel. The two zeros offer a better house edge, the reason why players prefer the European roulette. However the online single zero roulette introduction is popular among players all over the world. Online internet casinos mostly offer the European roulette to its player thus cutting the house edge by half.

Players can play the game of roulette online at their own pace and understand the do’s and don’ts provided in the game. The beginners need to understand the game and equip themselves with strategies required to win the game.

A glance at the roulette wheel looks likes it is a simple game, but on continuously staring at it, one can notice the complexity in its layout. The modern roulette wheel is crafted masterfully and is said to be three feet in diameter and weighs about a hundred pounds. Both in the American and the European roulette wheel, the numbers 1 to 36 are divided evely among black and red pockets. The ball lands in the pocket which is actually a container. Apart from the black and red pockets, there are either 2 or 1 green pockets with the numbers -00′ or -0′ on the roulette wheel.

On close inspection, one can find that the numbers are not randomly distributed. The design of the roulette wheel is within industry standards. The Croupier who handles the roulette table spins the wheel on one direction and throws a plastic ball on the edge of the wheel, which then runs along the wheel before finally resting on a number. There are many buffers and bumps to ensure that the ball is tossed properly before it finally rests on a number.

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