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The Crazy Viking’s Treasure Slots

Fun can be found in a lot of ways. One way of having it is through playing online casino slots. Viking’s Treasure UK slots is an online casino slots game with no downloading of any software required. You can right away have fun with the UK slots because it is absolutely free though you may also bet for real money. There are five spinning reels on the slots machine. You can bet on as much as 15 lines the slots offer. In every coin you put in the slots machine, a line will be enabled. You can put in as much as five coins per enabled line thus you need 75 coins to put a maximum bet on all slots lines. The coin value of this no download slots ranges from 0.02 up to 0.50. The more enabled lines you have, the higher the chances in having winning combinations. The higher number of coins and coin value, the higher the chances of winning big time. All you need before to start the slots is to decide how many enabled lines would you like to have, number of coins to bet per line, and the coin value. Click the Spin button to start the slots reels to spin. As the slots reels stop, the computer checks for the combination on your enabled lines. Once there are winning combinations, they will be highlighted on the slots machine screens and the payout is displayed beside the slots buttons.

Viking’s Treasure slots game has various features that increase the fun such as Wild symbol, Scatter symbol, and Free Spin Bonus Feature. You might encounter these features during your slots game so you need to understand what these features are all about.

The slots wild symbol is represented by a Viking symbol. It can be used to replace a regular symbol on your enabled line to complete a winning combination. However, it cannot substitute a scatter symbol thus it cannot activate a scatter win and Free Spin Bonus Round.

Viking’s Treasure UK slots scatter symbol is represented by a Gold Treasure symbol. Two or more scatter symbols complete a scatter win. These symbols do not need to appear on your enabled line as long as they appear anywhere on the slots reels. Both regular win and scatter win will be rewarded if they appear on a single round.

Free Spin Bonus Round will be activated if there are three or more Gold Treasure scatter symbols anywhere on the slots reels. During this round you will be given 15 Free Spins. All possible winnings during this round will be tripled. You can earn additional Free Spins during this round as long as the required combinations are present.

The no download UK slots game has regular symbols such as Viking Ship, Viking Helmen, Viking Shield, Viking Woman, Viking Axe, Fehu, Raido, Ansuz, Uruz, Nauthiz, and Thurisaz. Winning combination and the payout out of these symbols can be viewed on the slots Paytable. Play Viking Treasure slots now and be entertained.

Learn more about Viking’s Treasure slots and other free online slots. Check Emma’s complete guide to all you need to know about UK Slots.

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