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Types Of Bets In Blackjack

Blackjack is the game that is easy to learn, as game rules are quite simple but requires a little more strategy to be applied for productive outcomes. To start the game three players simply put their bets at the center of the table and then the dealer deals two cards face up to each player starting from his/her left. Dealer also is dealt 2 cards 1 face up and 1 face down and aim of all playing is to make a hand more than the other without exceeding 21. If any player or dealer exceeds 21, he/she goes bust or loses and the one who has highest hand below 21 wins the game. All the cards ranging 1 to 10 are counted are their face value, jack queen and king are counted as 10 and Aces are counted 1 or 11 as player chooses.

There are few common bets that are applied in the game but there are few more applying those players can increase the odds and winning chances. Majorly making a hit, stand, split, double and surrender are common bets or choices players need to make depending upon their cards.
Let us understand all of the bets in detail below:


The first choice a player needs to make after taking the cards is whether to hit or not. Hitting means take another card to get closer to 21 in order to win the game but if the player goes above 21, he/she goes bust or loses. Players can hit a many times as he/she wish and take another card.


After hit second choice come to stand opposite to hit it is also known as stick. Stand means that the player is happy with his/her card and do not wish to take any more cards. Players normally stand when they are close to 21 and see better winning chances.

Double Down:

Doubling down is another choice available to players in the game of blackjack. Players double their bets when they see good winning chances by taking only one card further. For instance, when the player has one 6 and one 5 making 11 then the chances of the next card turning 10 are high and that makes the highest hand in this game to win. This way player can chose to double down and get the mot of gambling blackjack, as there are no chances of going bust. Players may also chose to double down when they have two cards making total 9 and the dealer has 3-6.

Splitting Pairs:

One more optional choice players have in the game of blackjack is to split a pair of cards. When a player has two cards of same value say two 5s, then he/she may chose to divide these two cards into two separate hands by placing one more bet equals to original and play further both hands separately and double winning chances. Any time during the game players may chose to split when they get a pair and it is best to spit a pair of Aces as they value 11 and chances of another card turning 10 are high.


When the player is not happy with the hand, he/she may surrender or quit the game by sacrificing half-bet to the casino and getting half back.
It is advisable to surrender when the player has a hand making total 16 and the dealer has 10 as here the odds are against players winnings.
Some casinos offer players to surrender on his/her hand or on the dealers hand.
Some casinos also offer two types of surrender options early surrender and late surrender.

Early Surrender:

When player surrenders his/her hand before the dealer checks for blackjack it is called early surrender.

Late Surrender:

When the player surrenders his/her hand after the dealer has checked for blackjack it is called as the late surrender.


This is the option available to the dealer and players are expected to either accept or reject the option. The dealer offers insurance when he/she has Ace as the face up card and the player can take the insurance by placing a bet equals to half of his/her original bet or can refuse. The player bets on dealer having blackjack and if the dealer has blackjack player is paid 2 to 1. Payers are advised to avoid and not to take insurance mostly.

Even Money

Even money is one of the Blackjack Bets that is rarely available and it is also worse like insurance and seldom advised to go for. This is a side bet and is offered when the player has a blackjack and the dealers up card is an Ace. In this bet payer is immediately paid 1 to 1 without dealer checking for blackjack.

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