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USA Casino Online Is It Legal To Gamble

Online casinos has been one of the booming business. American Casinos have been getting a lot of stiff competition with online casinos nowadays. Gamblers will prefer to stick to the comforts of the their home and have their individual PC’s get connected on the internet while spending a lot in going to Atlantic City or Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world.

One of the advantages of getting with online casino is first of all, the comforts of not going out of your home. You can just imagine if you will be having a trip with some of the country’s best gaming cities. It requires you to plan and at the same time save up some money. You also have to spend a lot in terms of hotel accommodation and all the incidentals when you travel.

USA Online casinos have given a very good competitive advantage against the traditional casino houses. But not all casinos have mad a luxury out of the business. With the passing of the US government’s Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement act (UIGEA), this has affected a lot of online gambling websites. The purpose of this act is to enforce money laundering activities in the country and to go after money launderers who are either criminals or terrorists. It has been found out that a lot of financial transactions have been done through online which has been unregulated.

While UIGEA has created a very big impact on online casinos, nevertheless, it did not stop USA online casino operators to go for another alternative. One of the alternative through the use of casino online money credits. There are a number of websites that offers money credits to some of the casino online websites. But this could not be accessible to other credit cards as a number of credit card issuers are denying transactions from these websites.

It is indeed a very disappointing situation for online gamblers who wanted to make online gamble. While it is true that online gambling could be a potential money laundering agent, nevertheless, the government must also look at the other fact that a number of laundering activities can also be done into some of the country’s big casinos. This is not only a case which is exclusive to USA online casino.

Take for example in Europe, BWIN is one of the biggest website in the whole world that is offering online casino games. It is also one of the most visited websites for casino gamblers as millions and millions of people around the world are betting on some of BWIN’s online game. But no one would ever heard of having BWIN shut down due to money laundering activities.

On the brighter side, setting aside gambling as a problem, USA casino online also proves to be a very lucrative service to cash on. In a recent estimates, more than two thousand websites are being considered to online gambling websites. These websites had an income that could be estimated to more than a hundred million dollars. This lucrative business can have a lot of opportunities for web developers around the country offering them a number of jobs.

The problem of USA Casino onlines becoming a den of money launderers can be easily regulated. But banning it totally is not a very good move for the regulators. On the other hand, a good security measure and limiting the cash flow of can be done than totally decapitating the industry as a whole.

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